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Banco Santander of Mexico Licenses Perfect Match

Surecomp takes great pleasuring in announcing the licensing of Perfect Match
in Mexico.
Following an intensive evaluation, Banco Santander Mexico together with its
subsidiary Banco Serfin, has licensed Perfect Match, Surecomp's Confirmation
Matching System.

The combined banks form the second largest bank group in Mexico. Ranked in
the top 40 banks worldwide, the Banco Santander group has branches throughout Central and South America, Spain and the Philippines". Banco Santander is the second Mexican financial institution to license a Surecomp product Commenting on the licensing agreement, Surecomp Vice President - Sales, Americas, Ian Tucker said "The sale is extremely gratifying as it firmly establishes the Surecomp presence in Mexico."

According to James Black, Surecomp Vice President - responsible for the
Perfect Match product, "Banco Santander recognized the tremendous
operational benefits and efficiencies that could be realized by licensing
Perfect Match. We are proud that Perfect Match and the Surecomp team were
selected by the bank".