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New York, November 26, 2001 -TheMuniCenter (, a leading web-based platform for trading municipal securities, today announced the release of a series of enhancements to its anonymous, internet-based fixed income trading site. Users of the site now have the ability to make live two-sided markets, negotiate prices and access sophisticated analytical tools. The added functionality provides The MuniCenter's customers with unprecedented price discovery, transparency and liquidity.

TheMuniCenter also announced a number of other enhancements:
·the availability of a trade history for every bond listed on the site: using a combination of its own trade data and feeds from publicly available sources, TheMuniCenter now provides a full analysis of a security's trade history in both graphic and table formats
·the ability to perform yield, tax and price analysis for municipal bonds
·a new security master screen, complementing the material events feed, which provides information needed for full disclosure ·enhancements to the instant messaging function, which now delivers notification of pending bids, offers, and counters

"Our customer base benefits from our latest release in a number of ways," said Tom Vales, CEO of TheMuniCenter. "Users now have the ability to negotiate trades from both the bid and the offered sides of the market. They also have expanded access, via our new trade history page, to transaction levels in the marketplace, as well as to sophisticated bond analytics. Our open platform provides enhanced transparency and liquidity to the expanding universe of users who are trading on-line."

Recent enhancements to TheMuniCenter's trading platform complement a series of releases that, over the course of the past year, have made TheMuniCenter a premier source of product, distribution and liquidity in the market . Other notable events in 2001 include having received a broker-dealer license from the NASD, allowing for institutional participation in addition to the traditional broker-dealer business. TheMuniCenter also added trading in U.S. Treasury securities earlier in 2001 and expects to add corporate bond trading in 2002.

"Now more so than ever before, our customers can operate in a live and open community of traders and investors," said Vales. "Our users have all the tools they need to make informed judgments about opportunities in the market and they no longer have to be concerned with selective distribution of trade and market information."

The MuniCenter's trading platform has developed substantial traction in the industry as evidenced growth in viewers and volume. The site has more than 5,000 users from more than 500 financial institutions.