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VISTORM launches “Via Vistorm”: World’s first “packaged” application deployment solution

·First customers sign project deals worth £2.5m
·Compaq Global Services first approved Via Vistorm partner
·De-risks large-scale application deployments

22nd November 2001: Vistorm today announced the launch of the world’s first "packaged" application deployment solution called Via Vistorm. The first deals have been signed with customers in the financial and manufacturing industries, with initial roll-out to 1,750 users eventually scaling to 5,000.

Via Vistorm allows companies to quickly deploy business applications with low-risk, reduced system management and end user support costs while at the same time eliminating the need to refresh desktop hardware.

Building on the server-based computing model, Via Vistorm combines a resilient, scalable and secure application delivery infrastructure, with a unique service that ensures the infrastructure is maintained to the latest standards. Designed to meet the requirements of large enterprises planning major infrastructure projects, Vistorm has certified Compaq Global Services as its first implementation and support partner for the Via Vistorm solution.

Via Vistorm is based on Microsoft, Compaq, Citrix and Cisco technology with additional Via Vistorm administration and management software tools. Via Vistorm provides an application deployment "blueprint" – configured, tested and proven to integrate easily into a company’s existing data centre architecture.

David Angwin, director of marketing for Application & Infrastructure Services at Vistorm, said: "Until today, every server based computing deployment has been an individual, hand-crafted design created specifically for an individual company."

"Via Vistorm meets an enterprise’s needs in a new way. A packaged application delivery infrastructure enables faster, lower risk and lower cost deployments. The solution is based on best of breed technology, overlaid with Vistorm intelligence and software, and a technical partner with the global reputation of Compaq. Via Vistorm is the culmination of five years of consulting and integration experience delivering thin client solutions to more than 100,000 users."