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Generali launches ecommerce wealth management system

21st November 2001 - iE has announced the first live deployment of its iE NetFinance Private Client Investment System, a web-based multi-currency wealth management system for advisors and off-shore clients of Generali International, the Guernsey based life assurance company.

The system allows Generali to deliver round the clock service to its international clients and their advisors.

The enhanced Generali service, launched November 2001, allows Generali’s independent advisors and portfolio managers to select from a consolidated view of individuals or groups of clients across all relevant products. It is now possible to view up-to-date valuations, trading statements and bank statements of high net worth clients around the globe. Clients will be given their own view of this information at a later date.

The iE NetFinance Private Client Investment System combines the latest information from two different legacy systems and automatically tailors the results to the requirements of the individual advisor or client. Support for multiple currencies allows the different groups of users to view all investments at their traded values. Users can view consolidated valuations as well as detailed statements..

In its current format the Generali service depends on the integration of two legacy applications, a life assurance administration system based on Life/400 from CSC and the Quasar portfolio management system from ACT. The iE NetFinance Private Client Investment System meets Generali’s twin criteria that the applications are fully integrated and that they can be accessed by portfolio managers, advisors and clients every hour of every day of the year.

Mark Doherty, Director, Wealth Management Solutions, iE said: "Everybody is talking about wealth management, but almost no one is doing it. The system we have built for Generali allows the company to present the latest information to its clients and intermediaries. The technical challenge was to implement a unified data structure for two quite different financial product types. The user benefit is integrated information on demand. The technical benefit is seamless integration of legacy systems. The business benefit is the ability to deliver better service to portfolio managers, advisors and clients – all within the same system and all without resorting to smoke and mirrors."

Peter Hobbs, Senior Manager International Sales, Generali International said: "We offer a variety of high value investment management services to clients around the world. Different administration systems have evolved to support these various services, but portfolio managers, advisors and clients expect and demand a coherent solution to their individual needs. The iE system allows Generali to satisfy the requirements of all three groups today with the flexibility to accommodate additional requirements in the future."