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Monday 19th November - A British company has launched a breakthrough solution to the problem of tracking high volumes of constantly changing financial data, enabling executives, analysts, fund managers and risk managers to stay abreast of even the most volatile markets.
Using information from in-house or third-party feeds, the Fractal Market Map from FractalEdge presents a comprehensive and up-to-the-second view of an entire market – equity, bond or derivative -- plus the ability to drill down and explore any sector to the level of individual securities and instruments with a single mouse click.

The same ability to switch instantly from a macro to a micro view can be applied to pricing, trading, research or portfolio data.

The Fractal Market Map boasts a powerful analytic "heat-seeking" capability, which allows all elements of the map to be colour-coded by key variables such as price change, volatility, exposure, volume, earnings or rating metrics.

Based on the revolutionary Fractal Map user interface patented by FractalEdge the Fractal Market Map speeds access to data by between 10 and hundreds of times compared to standard interfaces.

Human beings can distinguish between millions of discrete items in their field of vision. On a computer screen, if any more than 20 or 30 items are displayed simultaneously, the viewer begins to suffer problems of recognition and understanding.

The Fractal Market Map overcomes this problem by providing a visualisation tool which allows an entire information universe to be mapped onto a single screen. The navigation technique gives the user access to tens of thousands of items in one click and access to several million in two. A simple and elegant screen display allows the user to see the overview, the context and the detail of market and fund information without the need to switch between multiple views. The colour coding further enhances meaning allowing for visual alerts and greater ease of analysis.

Roger Willcocks, chief executive, FractalEdge, said: "Effective tracking of financial information is the ability to see everything that’s going on in a complex landscape at a glance. Human beings have the capacity to view and make sense of a very large body of information; the limiting factor has been the ability of software to present it in the cramped two-dimensional confines of a computer screen. The Fractal Market Map removes that limitation, making it possible to view thousands of stocks or hundreds of thousands of fixed income instruments, say, in real-time."

Among the benefits FractalEdge claims for the Fractal Market Map are improved decision support, faster analysis, better customer service, increased productivity and greater accuracy.

Customised versions of the Fractal Market Map can be produced to support information services direct to the client, powerful tools for risk management and exposure analysis, and systems for analysing client profitability.

Willcocks said: "The Fractal Market Map gives traders, fund managers and their institutional clients unprecedented powers of insight in an environment where a single decision can generate millions of dollars in profit."