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CDC IXIS Capital Markets and the financial software solutions provider Summit Systems have announced new internet services for the financial markets:

-CDC IXIS Capital Markets has enhanced its Internet offer with a new online service dedicated to Interest Rate Derivatives.

CDC IXIS Capital Markets’ customers can now benefit from new interactive pricing tools and direct access to a historical database for interest rate derivative products. This new online service is an addition to the existing CDC IXIS Capital Markets’ Internet offering which already includes online trading services for money market and bond products as well as real time access to the latest economic research and market analyses.
The simulation and pricing tools provided online have been built using in particular Summit’s pricing tools and CDC IXIS Capital Markets’ own databases.

Stéphane Kourganoff, global head of fixed income derivatives trading at CDC IXIS Capital Markets explains, " We identified a strong demand for such tools and are now able to provide this value added service with direct access online."

-Summit enriches its ASP offering by supplying real time market data.
(ASP - Application Service Provider.)

Summit Transact’s customers can benefit from market data provided by the trading desks of CDC IXIS Capital Markets, particularly Euro swap quotations in real time. They can also revalue their portfolios daily, using the market database provided by this market reference company. "This is, without doubt, a significant addition to our offering." says Georges Bory, Managing Director, Summit Paris, and indeed is another illustration of the quality of the working relationship that has been built up over the years between Summit and CDC IXIS Capital Markets, and of the success in large scale projects."