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West Virginia, Office of the State Treasurer selects QTMS & IMS-2000

Marlton, October 30, 2001... QED Information Systems, Inc.TM , a leading provider of portfolio management and investment accounting solutions, today announced that the West Virginia, Office of the State Treasurer has selected QTMS for the purpose of Warrant (check) reconciliation.
QTMS is a real-time fund accounting and payment item reconciliation system engineered for public treasury organizations to handle high volume, automated processing.

QTMS allows The Treasury to interface with issuing banks and statewide accounting systems to automatically update the warrant data, providing instant access to the latest payment and receipts.
West Virginia, Office of the State Treasurer is also going to use the collateral tracking capabilities of IMS-2000 to monitor the Collateral Sufficiency for overnight repurchase agreements, state deposits, and external entity depots as well as other collateral tracking requirements.
The pairing of IMS-2000 and QTMS streamlines cash and investment management functions, fund and revenue accounting and payment item processing.
"QTMS brings to West Virginia government many solutions for our e-government initiatives and provides taxpayers with savings that will pay dividends for years to come," said State Treasurer John Perdue.
"Cost savings through efficiencies provided by the QTMS systems and faster response times positions my office to be at the forefront of fast-changing financial markets on a daily basis," Perdue added.