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Transco Connections Ltd connect to Maconomy web based financials

Transco Connections Ltd, the organisation responsible for connecting new supplies to the gas network throughout the UK, has selected Maconomy web based financial systems.

Following the company's recent unbundling from Transco Plc, Transco Connections Ltd needed to procure a full suite of financial systems to support the management of existing and future operations. Transco Connections currently carries out gas connection work on behalf of Transco, a leading name in the gas industry, and has future plans to become a leading force in new and developing markets within the other utility sectors.

Maconomy's web based solutions will deliver access, via the Internet, to Transco Connections' personnel at six regional offices and across the country. Each user can be provided with a unique personalised dashboard, allowing Maconomy's workflow engine to intuitively push information to the field.

On-site field staff, who form a significant proportion of Transco Connections' workforce, are also supported by Maconomy. Contract Payments can be authorised remotely, over the Internet, giving up-to-date financial control of project employment costs.

"We chose Maconomy as a result of its flexible structure, its breadth of functionality and the ease of implementation. We felt that Maconomy's functionality could not only support existing operations but also support the
Connections business as it moves into new markets." said Mark Neller, Business Development and IS Manager for Transco Connections.

Andrew Marples, UK Head of Maconomy, commented, " The quality of internal financial control was uppermost in Transco Connections minds but ease of use and access on site and remotely via the web, were important considerations too. The resultant solution is highly flexible and capable of growing rapidly to keep pace with the company's significant planned growth.

We are delighted they chose Maconomy and look forward to working closely with them on other innovative projects in the near future."

Maconomy financial management and job management solutions have already been implemented. A quotations system, that will use further Maconomy modules, will form the next phase of the project.