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RTTS Unveils End-to-End Architecture Testing Services-Testing Company Meets the Changing Needs of the Financial Tech Industry

New York, October 23, 2001 – RTTS, a leader in IT application and architecture testing since 1996, unveiled details of its end-to-end testing services today at the Financial Technology Conference and Expo. Designed to provide companies launching complex applications with a comprehensive automated quality assurance solution, RTTS can conduct testing on different interfaces, multiple protocols, various architectures and diverse hardware components.

"Today, complex Web application architectures are crucial to business success in many industries. A small change can have a major impact on application availability, performance and functionality, "said Bill Hayduk, Director of Professional Services for RTTS. "This is increasingly important in the financial sector where the need to improve service delivery for consumers and minimize costs has led to the multi-channel convergence of technologies."

"Technological advances have changed the competitive functioning of the financial sector at both the production and distribution levels," according to the G-10’s report on Consolidation in the Financial Sector. The role of technology to avoid business interruption has become even more important with the ever-widening distribution networks, PC Internet access, and multiple delivery systems, including wireless trading. With each new channel, the network highways connecting front-end devices,data servers and back-end systems become more elaborate, threatening firms with gridlock.

To avoid this situation, RTTS will verify that applications function correctly and that the architecture can scale to meet the business needs, assuring a quality experience for internal and external customers while delivering a high ROI. This includes extensive testing from the front-end Web client through the network, from the firewall to the security server through the Web server, application server, verifying XML, eContent/eBusiness and/or ERP/CRM servers, all the way to the back-end database.

Since the attacks on the World Trade Center, companies are now realizing the overarching need to ensure business continuity. As part of its collective testing initiative, RTTS stresses the importance of testing redundancy and backup systems for use in disaster recovery situations. RTTS’ methodology also applies to T+1, decimalization, global straight through processing (GSTP), CRM and ERP rollouts and other critical initiatives in the financial sector.

With many years of successful test implementations utilizing best of breed automated test tools, RTTS’ client list reads like a "Who’s Who" among the top financial, insurance, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, and technology firms across the United States.RTTS’ comprehensive range of services includes functional, scalability and architecture testing, in addition to training and process improvement.