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Maris Strategies Launches European Headquarters in UK-Executive Education & Research and Advisory Services firm announces its European start-up to service European and UK customers.

Cambridge, UK, October, 26, 2001 – Maris Strategies, Ltd., a provider of research, advisory and executive education services, today announced the launch of its European headquarters in Vision Park, Cambridge. Maris Strategies chose Cambridge because of its access to researchers, a fast train to London and the close proximity to Stansted Airport. The Cambridge office will function as sales, marketing, research, executive education, advisory services and operational centre for Maris Strategies Research and Advisory Services.

Maris Strategies, Ltd. provides a new perspective on how businesses will operate effectively in the new e-economy. Our point of view on the Digital Value Chains has been well received by audiences in the United States and Europe.

"Maris Strategies is excited to be bringing its point of view on how companies will add value in the changing business landscape. We offer a fresh perspective on issues ranging from B2B, the Euro, Customer Service, Branding and many other elements found today's challenging business climate. Our research on Digital Value Chains examines the evolution of business structure and its relationship to exchanging value between trading partners," says Joseph DiVanna II, CEO.

"There is a lot of activity within the financial services markets threatened by new market entrants, traditional players in the market are poised for change on two major fronts: technology and new services. The pace of technology acceptance in the B2C and B2B marketplaces is causing financial service organizations to re-evaluate their value proposition with an eye on leveraging technology to gain market penetration.Maris Strategies provide a truly global look at how financial services organizations are employing technology to gain a competitive advantage."

Maris Strategies also announces the establishment of its Euro/UK focused research agenda targeted on B2B, B2C, Internet taxation and legislation, multinational operations and human capital management.