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SunGard Announces the Launch of ePAL Internet-based solution combines STP and links to the SunGard Transaction Network

LONDON, October 24, 2001 - SunGard Investment Management Systems, an
operating group of SunGard (NYSE: SDS), today announced the successful
completion of a Web-browser interface to the PAL Service. ePAL will provide
comprehensive private client administration services to stockbrokers and
fund managers in the UK.
Designed as a replacement for the GUI front-end, the new technology can run
alongside the existing interfaces, giving the user a choice as to how to
access the PAL Service.
The new ePAL Service can be accessed from any PC connected to the Internet.
Users can navigate by following hyperlinks presented on screen; Switching
between menus and programs is a simple point-and-click procedure, and paging
backwards and forwards from one screen to the next is replaced by a
scrollbar so all data is viewed concurrently.
"The new ePAL Service has been developed in response to customer demands for
a more modern, user-friendly and intuitive interface," says John Munro,
general manager of PAL. "The project was designed from the outset to also
incorporate other existing PAL utilities creating a 'one-stop shop' for the
PAL Service."
Also launched with the new ePAL Service are several new features. One such
feature is a data download facility, which permits customers to extract
user-driven data and automatically import it into a spreadsheet. Also, ePAL
offers a CD-ROM-based report archive, which contains electronic replicas of
printed reports sent to the user's clients. Finally, a newly-developed order
management facility gives all PAL customers the ability to create and place
equity and unit trust orders electronically via the SunGard Transaction
Network ; Orders can be routed using a unique reference to PAL's
bargain-input facility. Confirmed market trades are matched with the client
trades and automatically routed to PAL's Settlement Accounting System.
The existing menu-driven system for accessing the different parts of the PAL
Service has also been enhanced. Through ePAL the contents of the different
menus can be expanded and collapsed in a tree-like structure making it
easier for users to find and locate the program they want to run. ePAL also
allows clients to access data that is not currently an existing part of the
PAL Service.