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"S T O P Money Laundering!"

‘STOP Money Laundering!’, starting in London on 26th November, is the first international Conference where the new Regulations into Money Laundering will be examined, explained and discussed.

The devastating attack on the World Trade Centre in New York makes it clear that money laundering is a major source of terrorist finance.A vital step in the war against international terrorism is to STOP Money Laundering.

Clare Short, Secretary of State for the Department for International Development,will open the conference. The chairman has been confirmed as John Willman, Banking Editor of the Financial Times.

The conference is targeted at bankers, lawyers, accountants and people in the financial services industries and government particularly in emerging countries where the greatest progress to STOP Money Laundering has yet to be made.

Perfect timing
"STOP Money Laundering!" will be the first international conference to take place since the meeting of the G-7 finance ministers in Washington to discuss the measures to prevent financing terrorist activities via western banks.It is also the first since the UN security council resolution on tightening financial controls to prevent money laundering.It is also in the same week as N.2 when new anti-money laundering regulations come into effect.

"STOP Money Laundering!" will be a positive step forward in the fight to counter international terrorism.

Speakers will be coming from:
Association of Russian Banks
Central Bank of Nigeria
Central Bank of Russia
European Parliament
Financial Fraud Intelligence Unit
Financial Services Authority
Financial Times
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Her Majesty's Customs & Excise
Jersey Bankers Association
Jersey Financial Services Commission
National Criminal Intelligence Service
Russian Ministry of Finance
Scotland Yard
Ukrainian parliament

Overseas speakers
Amongst prominent overseas speakers will be Alexei Kudrin the Russian Finance Minister, German Gref, Minister for Russian Economic Trade Development, Alexander Shokhin, Chairman of the Banking and Financial Markets Committee and Viktor Yuchenko, ex-Chairman of the National Bank and former Prime Minister of the Ukraine.

From Nigeria there will be Chief Dr. Joseph Sanusi, Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

International participation
This will be a truly International Conference and delegates are already expected from more than 20 countries including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Kuwait, Egypt, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, the Caribbean, Khazakstan, Romania, Moldova, the Baltic States, the Ukraine and Russia.

Delegation from Russia
The Russians will be reporting on the new measures recently passed by the State Duma (parliament). These are being introduced in the banking sector to stop money laundering.

There will be participation from the Russian government and the following members are expected in the official delegation:

1.Alexei KUDRIN, Minister of Finance
2.German GREF, Minister of Economy Reforms and Trade
3.Viktor MELNIKOV, Vice Chairman of the Central Bank of
a.Russian Federation
4.Valery PAVLOV, Deputy Director of Federal Tax Police Service
5.Alexander SHOKIN, Chairman of the Committee for credit
organisation and finance markets of the State Duma.
6.Igor ARTEMYEV, Vice-Chairman of the Committee for credit
organisation and finance markets of the State Duma
7.Grigory YAVLINSKY, Leader of "Yabloko" Party, State Duma

This delegation will be also supported by senior officers and executives
from the following Russian banks:
Bank for Foreign Trade
Troika Dialog, and others.

The Ukrainian delegation
From the Ukraine the following have confirmed that they will attend.

1.Vassily TSUSHKO Vice Charman of the Verchovnaya Rada(parliament)Committee for Banking and Financial Markets.
2.Grigory OMELCHENKO, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committtee for Anti Corruption and the Prevention of Organised Crime.

This delegation will be supported by banks such as Aval bank and the First ukrainian International Bank.

More information from:
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