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LogicScope Sponsor Survey

In the early 90’s cross connectivity of disparate data sources, distribution platforms and display systems was a far off dream for many banks and trading rooms. The idea of "connectivity with no constraints" was born. In 2001 that idea has led to LogicScope becoming one of the leading providers of connectivity to the global trading community.

Headquartered in London, the company provides seamless, flexible connectivity combined with operational efficiency and guaranteed message delivery in the areas of both market data and transactions. With almost a decade of experience in platform architecture, networking, workstation configuration and design, LogicScope has developed an enviable reputation. A reputation for knowledge of and expertise in all major data and distributed architecture suppliers.
LogicScope has an impressive list of clients, including most of the leading real-time information vendors, the leading trading systems and major financial institutions worldwide. It supports over 200 sites in 20 countries. The flexibility of LogicScope’s connectivity "opens" proprietary trading platforms, provides system integration of major vendor feeds, distribution platforms, applications and analytical applications.

It has a number of strategic partners, including Cognotec, EBS, Cicada and others.

Products include:

*RT-Server: providing integration and data transformations across market data distribution platforms.

*Open Bloomberg Server: allowing full network access to digital Bloomberg data.

*TOGA: Transaction message transformation.

*LiveXML: XML-based wide area distribution architecture for market data and other real-time data.


Whilst traders appear to have reached consensus that the vehicle with which to embark on the electronic route forward will combine price improvement, cost benefits and the efficiency of straight-through processing, as yet there seem to be few clear ideas on the choice of vehicle or indeed on the priorities of the trader. This short survey aims to establish your priorities by identifying systems which bring value and issues of prime importance to you.