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Milan - e-MID S.p.A., the European electronic organised market for treasury
products, has today announced the introduction of the US dollar to e-MIDER,
the multilateral market for Overnight Indexed Swaps (OIS). Both e-MIDER and
e-MID, the deposits trading system, can be accessed directly or through
Reuters Dealing 3000 foreign exchange interbank trading system.

The US dollar launch follows the US Federal Reserve Bank's decision to give
the green light to
e-MID's expansion into the US deposit market in August. It also delivers on
e-MID's commitment to create a multi-currency capability for its trading
platform. The new capability has been designed to allow other currencies to
be added to the platform in a swift and seamless way, affording e-MID with
the flexibility to provide access quickly to new OIS markets in response to
market demand.

In conjunction with the expansion to US markets, e-MID is launching a new
function, named Serial Quotation, which enables users to enter multiple
quotes into the market with a single operation and to automatically update
interest rates via a dynamic link to their pricing tools in Microsoft Excel.
e-MID is also in the process of recruiting major players in the Market Maker
category to guarantee high liquidity and tight spreads on e-MIDER's quote
pages throughout the day.

e-MID announced a strategic alliance with Reuters in July to deliver the
e-MID and
e-MIDER platforms to Dealing 3000 users. Now that both platforms are live on
Reuters, e-MID will take advantage of Reuters money market expertise and
global reach to further its strategy of product innovation and distribution
on a global level.

Vincenzo Mioccio, General Manager of e-MID, said: "US dollar OIS are
paramount to our strategy of turning e-MID and e-MIDER into multi-currency
markets, thereby allowing for geographic distribution even outside Europe.
We do not rule out adding more currencies on either market in the near
future. The new software platform provides for quick and flexible adaptation
to our dynamic commercial policy. The alliance with Reuters and the Market
Maker scheme are powerful drivers behind our ambitious expansion plans."