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SunGard Upgrades Matching & Reconciliation Platform intelliMATCH 7.0 Released

LONDON 18th September 2001 - SunGard eProcess Intelligence, an operating unit of SunGard (NYSE:SDS), today announced the release of version 7.0 of intelliMATCH, its automated matching and reconciliation solution. intelliMATCH provides financial institutions with the ability to capture, monitor, match and control transactions systematically.

intelliMATCH 7.0 offers users upgraded functionality and a host of original features to enable more effective and efficient processing of transactions in real-time and is wholly compatible with the SWIFT standards changes scheduled to take effect November 17, 2001.

New benefits to the user include:
- Case Management - which assigns cash and trade exceptions to a specific user or department for faster investigation and resolution.
- Data Enrichment - a new feature to improve auto-matching rates. This is achieved by sharing information from one transaction type to another in order to link related balance pools.
- Job Scheduling through Event-Driven Processing - an added feature which automatically runs scheduled jobs when a pre-defined 'system event' occurs. For
example, in order to more efficiently match items, a client may wish to run auto-matching every time an item has been edited, is imported, is created, or a match group has been manually dissolved.
- Time-based Groups - a fresh feature designed to improve intra-day reconciliation. It allows prioritisation of reconciliation based on the length of time an item is outstanding.

SunGard eProcess Intelligence offers a Confirmation Matching module with intelliMATCH 7.0 which is designed to automatically match trade confirmations and advices on a real-time basis, based upon an institution's best practices, using user-definable matching rules.

In addition, an optional module for Intra-Day Reconciliation is available with the upgraded solution which allows users to process MT100, MT202, MT210, MT900, MT942, MT972 message types for real-time intra-day processing, enabling users to meet the S.W.I.F.T. standards changes to be imposed by in the latter part of this year.

SunGard's intelliMATCH provides a single solution for all of the reconciliation needs within a financial institution. It has the functionality to automatically reconcile cash accounts (including Nostro), securities, front office to back office systems, and ATMs, as well as to perform generic matching.

intelliMATCH interfaces with SunGard's Exception Processing (EP) suite to enable the automatic management and resolution of exceptions, providing an organization with the ability to identify and resolve trade failures before the settlement deadline.