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Clarit-i the new standard in Management Information Systems.

Within all organisations, information, one of their most valuable assets, is being produced at prolific rates. The problem facing many is how to store and control it, so it can be used efficiently within the organisation whether globally or in a multi-departmental environment.

ABIS has the answer with its new product Clarit-i™ which is to be launched at SIBOS 2001. A very flexible solution - a 3-tier, fully distributed, scalable, expandable, and easily configured Information Management System.

Clarit-i in business knows no boundaries but ABIS sees it being a particular boon in the world of Banking and Insurance - the solution for centralising Trade Finance processing, handling Human Resources files, storing Insurance documentation, archiving reports and data output, distributing common files and templates, and many more Enterprise level problems.

Clarit-i can employ imaging solutions such as Kofax Ascent Capture thus enabling the import of images, reports, faxes and email all without user involvement.

With a distributed Clarit-i installation, your files can be made available to users throughout the company whether in the next room, in a virtual office or at an overseas branch. Documents can be revised and multiple renditions, made all without affecting the original document. Inbuilt Audit Trails enable you to know exactly who worked upon what and when. Advanced searching support ensures files can be found quickly and easily.

The Technology
Other costly solutions require heavy investment in time and training, along with constant administration to avoid system disruption. Clarit-i can be installed and fully functional within minutes. It's automatic administration and simplicity helps it operate smoothly 24/7. The system can be configured remotely and settings can be changed without requiring any server down time.

The use of the award winning Accusoft Image Gear component in its File Viewer means you can, with Clarit-i, display any type of stored image. Annotations, along with sophisticated image manipulation and enhancement features, help you get the best out of your existing imaging product.

With its low bandwidth requirements and multi-protocol support, Clarit-i can be used on the Internet as well as an Intranet. Sophisticated and zero-administration caching, along with publish & subscribe support, further reduce the burden on a network. Multiple Clarit-i Content Servers, distributed over a network, work hand in hand to allow access to information stored in many physical locations.

Storage is not a problem as Clarit-i is infinitely expandable. New storage locations can be allocated and up and running immediately, without any disruption to service.

You will not be limited by your existing database as Clarit-i can interface with many relational databases including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, DB2 and Progress.

"We are very excited about the launch of Clarit-i," states Eric Scoles, London based European Sales Director for ABIS "As a standalone product it sets a new standard in Management Information Systems and when taken as a module in the Abis core banking product it really gives us the edge."