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September 5, 2001, Murray Hill, NJ - Capital Access International announced today the early release on August 31, 2001 of second quarter insurance company bondholdings and broker transaction data in eMAXXsm, the company’s flagship browser-based market intelligence subscription service. In providing this competitive advantage to its largely institutional broker/dealer client base, Capital Access demonstrates that it is not only the most accurate provider of fixed-income market data, but also the fastest to market.

Since the August 15th filing date for second quarter insurance company data, Capital Access has captured, enhanced, and incorporated more than 60 percent of this portfolio holdings data into its multitude of products and services designed for the global institutional securities markets. Also included in the updated compilation are the recently filed bondholdings of mutual funds and public pension funds, bringing the company’s coverage of institutional bondholdings to more than 17,672 funds with over $4.8 trillion in total par held.

"Our goal is to obtain vital bondholdings and other fixed-income information as soon as it is available in order to provide the most accurate and comprehensive fixed-income data to our clients," stated David Farrington, chairman and CEO of Capital Access. "Because of our exclusive distribution relationship with A.M. Best, the world’s leading source of insurance industry information for over 100 years, coupled with our exceptional research department and superior technology, we are able to provide our customers with updated bondholdings and broker transaction data quicker and in greater detail than any other provider."

Farrington emphasized the value of such timely and accurate information. "Simply obtaining and distributing the publicly filed data quickly is not sufficient," added Farrington. "It is imperative that the information is delivered only after a complete and thorough enhancement process." Among many procedures, this process includes cleaning and verifying the data and aligning the holding companies with the managing firms.

Current bondholdings and broker summary data can be obtained through various products and services derived from Capital Access’ FINCOMsm database. This widely known database contains information on more than 9,000 institutions and close to 40,000 contacts.