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JPMorgan Treasury Services Introduces New Investment Sweep Service

·New automated dual direction sweep maximises liquidity by
transferring cash in and out of money market funds on a same day basis.

·Accesses largest offshore fund provider.

3 September 2001 - London - JPMorgan Treasury Services has today
announced the launch of a new automated investment sweep service to
JPMorgan Luxembourg Money Market Funds for corporate and institutional
clients wishing to invest surplus cash.

The JPMorgan sweep transfers cash from clients' current accounts into
AAA rated offshore funds domiciled in Luxembourg. The sweep is ideal for
clients who prefer a passive approach to investment, releasing precious
time for other activities while JPMorgan leverages its market presence
to deliver enhanced yields through the collective investment power of
large scale, high credit quality funds.

Clients automatically invest or redeem via the sweep on a same day basis
in accordance with specific cut-off times for each currency. The
JPMorgan service is a 2-way automated sweep that ensures surplus current
account funds are automatically invested when money markets are most
liquid to enhance returns while also facilitating redemptions from the
money market funds when current account short positions prevail.

St. John Potter, Liquidity and Investments Specialist at JPMorgan
Treasury Services comments: "JPMorgan was one of the early pioneers of
money market funds in Europe and has rapidly grown to become the number
one provider in terms of assets under management, with over 20% market

The Luxembourg sweep now adds flexible and automated connectivity into
the fund, enabling clients to attain superior returns. Clients can elect
to sweep all surplus funds or leave a target balance on their current
account. The service also offers a variety of online reports that enable
clients to closely track the movement of their funds and holdings
throughout the process.