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BT seals ASP deal

Netstore and Dell get the telco with their pincer movement...

Having failed in individual bids, ASP Netstore and PC giant Dell have announced they have teamed up and successfully enticed BT to use their online back up software.

BT's, 3,000-strong Retail Major Business sales team will use the ASP software, which is designed to automatically store key information daily, replacing the old model of manually loading information on to zip drives.

Netstore CEO Gary Smith admitted both his company and Dell had separately been targeting BT for a number of years and said: "By pooling our resources we achieved our goal and I know Dell is also very pleased."

Explaining the advantage of the back up system Smith said when someone in the field either accesses the web or uses their email the software will automatically find data that has changed from the day before, compress it down and securely transfer it to two separate locations.

"Basically we do the grubby bits of IT management," he told

Richard Collier, head of IT innovation and infrastructure, BT Retail Major Business admitted that in the past important information had sometimes been lost when individuals had misplaced their laptops or failed to manually save the information.

"With this new software, however, we have an automatic back up system and it helps increase productivity," he said.

Collier added that BT has estimated it will save over £1m in hardware and operating costs from the deal and said it is now considering further internal rollout within BT.