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SimCorp Releases Version 4.1 of its IT/2 Treasury Management System

SimCorp has released version 4.1 of IT/2, further enhancing its feature-rich treasury management system.

Some of the most significant enhancements include data segregation, internet integration, a new deal type to support leases; and improvements to the user-friendly workbench facility, user interfaces and nominal ledger.

Other enhancements have been made to the system's deals facility, data analysis reporting, cash management, static data and risk management.

Data segregation brings major benefits to companies operating an enterprise-wide global treasury, which is a growing trend in corporate treasury management. Individual users or groups of users can utilise the data
segregation facility to access a subset of data specific to their role, business unit or group. For example, data for one subsidiary may be invisible to another subsidiary, but still visible to the central treasury.

Another important new development for IT/2 is internet integration which enables on-line trading to be combined with the treasury system's straight through processing facility. This enables treasurers to access prices and dealing information and then to execute and import the deal into their system for automatic processing. To support this development, SimCorp has signed partnership agreements with Currenex and Fxall, two providers of on-line foreign currency trading solutions.

To support fixed rate leases, IT/2 now incorporates a new deal type: LEA - Lease. This can be used to record both financial and operating leases and can be configured to support rent paid either in advance or in arrears. Leases are a fully integrated deal type within IT/2 and are recorded from the point of view of the lessee.

The workbench facility within IT/2, which was fully introduced into the IT/2 system in version 4.0, has been enhanced. Designed to make the system remarkably easy to use, the new features now improve workflow and make data entry easier and quicker. This is particularly relevant for new actions and multiple deals.