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London, U.K., 21st August 2001 - HelioGraph, specialists in the financial messaging technology sector, announced today that Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) Austria's Central Securities Depository (CSD), has chosen its Message Broker solution to migrate to the new S.W.I.F.T. message standard in line with their Straight Through Processing (STP) strategy. A member of the European Central Securities Depository Association ECSDA, OeKB has been closely involved in defining best practice for the new ISO15022 messaging standard.

For historical reasons, OeKB had implemented SWIFT support using stand-alone applications provided by a number of different suppliers. The move to ISO15022 was seen as an opportune time to evaluate this approach and the decision was taken to integrate and rationalise their SWIFT support. The use of a message converter seemed the best way forward and is in line with the STP strategy.

OeKB considered a number of offerings in the marketplace before they were convinced by the HelioGraph solution comprising the Helio Message Broker, Helio Workstation and IDE toolset.

Key influencing factors included the HelioGraph solution is proven, the core product is SWIFTReady Gold accredited, the list of successful client implementations is impressive and the depth of industry and business knowledge was clear. Together with the fact that HelioGraph's data field dictionary architecture had incorporated the ISO15022 message standard since the standard was introduced in 3 years ago, we felt satisfied that this was the choice with minimum risk.

"OeKB is impressed with the HelioGraph solution, in particular, the data field dictionary architecture that underpins their solution. It was essential that our investment would be in line with our STP strategy, that we could rely on an efficient implementation, enhance our own skills and work with a trusted vendor." says Christian Koerbler, Director at OeKB. "The forthcoming UNIX version is important to our requirements and HelioGraph and ourselves are working toward implementing this next phase of our STP strategy."

Recognising the migration to the new S.W.I.F.T. standard required more planning and effort than would be the case when implementing a new S.W.I.F.T. message type, the comprehensive training and thorough documentation provided by HelioGraph made for a smooth transfer of skills to the OeKB team.