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SunGard acquires Swiss risk consulting company Almafin

Almafin merged with Jaeger & Partner to form
AlmafinJaeger, A SunGard Company

NEW YORK, July 26, 2001 - SunGard Trading and Risk Systems, an operating group of SunGard (NYSE: SDS), today announced that it has acquired Almafin, based in St. Gallen, Switzerland, that provides risk and asset/liability management consulting services and software to the Swiss market. SunGard has merged this company with its Jaeger & Partner operating unit to form a new operating unit called AlmafinJaeger. Terms of the acquisition, which is not expected to have a material impact on SunGard's financial results, were not disclosed.

Almafin adds complementary consulting and software expertise in risk and asset/liability management to Jaeger. Jaeger & Partner, founded in 1997 and acquired by SunGard in 1998, provides specialized market, credit risk and asset/liability management software and consulting services to private banks and corporations in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria.

AlmafinJaeger offers extensive independent consulting globally and provides a broad range of professional services from conceptual business consulting to implementation services. For the Swiss market, AlmafinJaeger designs and implements solutions for identifying, measuring and controlling risks in a consistent and integrated way.

AlmafinJaeger’s close link to the University of St.Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland provides it with access to the latest research in finance that is reflected in its consulting expertise and in the development of its market-focused solutions. Almafin’s Marco risk software and Jaeger’s Focus asset/liability management solution are highly tailored to the Swiss legal and regulatory market.

Dr. Stefan Jaeger, founder and delegate of the board for Jaeger & Partner, will run AlmafinJaeger as general manager. Mr. Jaeger was also a founding member of Almafin in 1993. Mr. Jaeger said, "The creation of AlmafinJaeger best leverages the synergies between the two companies dedicated to providing expert services and customized software for financial institutions, particularly in the Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Italy."

Dr. Marcel Beutler, Andi Hug, Dr. Dean Jovic, Dr. Thomas Koenig and Mr. Toni Langone are members of the executive board.

About AlmafinJaeger
AlmafinJaeger pr is a leading provider of asset/liability and risk management consulting in Switzerland and offers a wide range of services. Its customers include banks and corporates of every size in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. AlmafinJaeger develops and provides the market risk control system ‘MARCO integrated’ and the asset/liability software 'Focus ALM'. AlmafinJaeger currently supports more than 150 clients with its systems and services.