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Maconomy Launches Portal: Pushes Personalised Role Specific Business Information To Employees

Maconomy UK has announced the launch of Maconomy Enterprise Portal,
delivering web-based access to role specific business information.

The new portal provides each user with a unique personalised dashboard to
access key information specific to their business tasks. The system's
workflow engine intuitively pushes forward precisely the financial business
information they need to support their work.

Typical information might include: the progress of projects, time sheets,
invoice information, and budget status. The system will even send the user
alerts if scheduled tasks are overdue.

According to Andrew Marples, Head of UK Sales and Marketing for Maconomy,
"Maconomy Enterprise Portal doesn't just make business information available
to a wider audience within the workforce, it makes the right information
available, presented in the right way, to the right people at the right
time." The portal allows users to access data wherever they are through a standard web browser, supporting flexible and mobile working practices.

As Maconomy is aimed at service and project based organisations, the portal
offers a host of pre-configured user roles relevant to these industries. The
smart dashboards can be customised with an easy to use but powerful Portal
Designer feature.

An organisation's suppliers can also make use of the portal, as can it's
customers who can use it to review the progress of projects and billing

Maconomy Enterprise Portal supports Maconomy web-enabled enterprise