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VistaSource adds support for TIB/RendezvousTM real time messaging system

WESTBORO, MA, Monday, July 16, 2001 - VistaSource, Inc. now offers an Anyware RealTime Engine to link the TIB/Rendezvous messaging system with the VistaSource Anyware RealTime family of analytical tools. The Anyware RealTime Engine is middleware that provides a conduit for market data to the analytics built and run using applications such as Anyware RealTime Spreadsheet, Anyware RealTime Websheet or Microsoft® Excel. VistaSource supports Excel users through an add-on product, Anyware RealTime for Excel, that allows Excel users to attain the level of performance and reliability needed for real-time market data analytics.

VistaSource, which supports a number of real time data distribution systems, like Open Bloomberg, Reuters Triarch SSL and TIB CI Server, now also supports the TIB/Rendezvous messaging system. The Anyware RealTime Engine for TIB/Rendezvous runs on Sun Solaris and Microsoft Windows NT/2000. Applixware 4.4x and Anyware 2.X applications are fully supported by this new RealTime Engine, which can connect to a Rendezvous backbone and communicate with a TIB Market Data Delivery System (MDDS) using Subject-based Addressing Subscription Service (SASS) or with other Rendezvous-only clients or servers.

Deutsche Bank and Stafford Trading have already adopted the new Anyware RealTime Engine for TIB/Rendezvous. "Rendezvous is an advanced messaging system that will be the focus of a lot of migration activity among the major financial market participants who are our customers," says R.J. Grandpre, vice president of sales and business development for VistaSource. "This announcement assures our customers that we’ll be there for them when they make that move away from older systems. Analysts and traders have invested significantly in the building of models that are mission-critical to their daily buying and selling activities. Our Anyware RealTime Engine for TIB/Rendezvous ensures that their models and analytics will perform reliably when they move forward with this new real time data distribution source."

Pricing and Availability
The Anyware RealTime Engine for TIB/Rendezvous is currently available. For pricing or other information on the Anyware RealTime Engine for TIB/Rendezvous, please contact: [email protected] For more information on the Anyware RealTime family of products, and for a demonstration of Anyware RealTime WebSheet, please visit:

About TIB/Rendezvous

TIB/Rendezvous is the messaging system that is the foundation of the TIBCO ActiveEnterprise family, TIBCO's e-business infrastructure products. TIB/Rendezvous is a proven and powerful set of messaging middleware with which developers can build and deploy scalable distributed applications quickly and easily. It includes patented publish/subscribe and subject-based addressing technologies, which enable information to be transparently shared among diverse application everywhere. With more than 1,000 customer installations worldwide, TIB/Rendezvous is rapidly emerging as the de facto standard for enabling mission-critical real-time messaging.