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PFS Introduces Trillian Data Transport Mechanism for Financial Information

Enables Streaming Web Input Through a Firewall
Without Refreshing or Downloading

NEW YORK, June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- PFS TraderTools LLC, a major messaging
technology company, today announced its Trillian data transport mechanism, a
patent-pending technology that delivers streaming data to a standard web
browser or Internet client, through a firewall without the need for a download
or "refreshing" the web page.
PFS Trillian allows an institutional client to receive real-time,
streaming financial data or any other information without a software
application and without opening a firewall port. For example, any remote
laptop with access to the web and without any special software can receive the
same market information received at a desktop -- and trade as well.
Financial institutions -- buy-side and sell-side -- require news, data and
other critical information from external and internal sources. Trillian
provides enabling technology to transmit and receive this information via the
web with unparalleled speed, ease and cost effectiveness.
PFS TraderTools developed Trillian because it found that no messaging
technology was able to penetrate firewalls, run as an ultra-thin client
(without download) and not require a secure embedded program or Java applet.
Trillian accomplishes all this without requiring a special communications
Though other messaging can penetrate firewalls through HTTP tunneling,
Trillian's technology uses its unique, proprietary method of HTTP tunneling to
keep a constant connection open. Unlike rival firms, Trillian offers true push
technology, displaying updates dynamically without "polling" for new data.
Yaacov Heidingsfeld, COO of PFS, said, "Information providers, risk and
portfolio managers, brokerage and money management firms, and other financial
institutions will find that Trillian provides a new and indispensable
dimension of information delivery.
"For example, market traders rely on a constant stream of market data.
Now, for the first time, they can easily receive that information via the web
as soon as that information is available -- without the need for installing
any additional software other than their standard web browsers."

Trillian is organized into a three-tiered architecture: contribution,
distribution and display. The contribution tier accepts requests from the
end-user and publishes updates of the data content to the distribution tier.
The distribution tier sends the updates to the client application. The display
tier receives the continuous information and uses various Graphical User
Interface (GUI) components to allow the user to interact with it.
Trillian is fully scalable and modular, serving any-sized organization
with any number of seats.
For the convenience of in-house IT departments, Trillian includes a set of
implementation libraries for easy application. Trillian is sold on a per
client/server basis starting at $25,000 a year.
Trillian can be combined with PFS TraderTools' DS2000, a data transmission
platform or gateway for real-time communication. This is a unique and scalable
messaging architecture incorporating load balancing and fault tolerance. PFS
users include Amerada Hess, Credit Lyonnais and divisions of SunGard and
Thomson Financial.