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18 June 2001

London - Reuters, the global information, news and technology group, has
today launched the latest version of NewsML Toolkit v1.0. This latest
version of the Java based toolkit follows the alpha testing version released
in December 2000. Developed in conjunction with XML specialists, Megginson
Technologies Ltd, it is designed to simplify the processing of NewsML
documents for subscribers to NewsML Services.

NewsML Toolkit v1.0 offers increased functionality including:
* Access to all elements and attributes in a NewsML document via a
Java Application Programming Interface
* Complete metadata extraction
* The ability to locate vocabularies which source content values for
elements in a NewsML document
* Complete JavaDoc documentation

NewsML provides a common framework to publish news in any format. Reuters
conceived the idea for NewsML in 1999 and donated it to the news industry
for further development. The International Press and Telecommunications
Council ratified NewsML in October 2000. It can be used by news providers to
combine their pictures, video, text, graphics and audio files into news
output available on web sites, mobile phones, high end desktops, interactive
television and any other device. NewsML is the industry standard for
delivering multi-media news.

Mike Sayers, Chief Technology Officer, Reuters said: "This NewsML Toolkit
demonstrates Reuters continuing commitment to push the boundaries of new and
emerging technologies in order to deliver increased productivity for end
users. Through close work with industry organisations such as Megginson
Consulting and W3C, we aim to promote a standardised approach to MLs that
allows complete integration and interoperability between organisations
across all feeds, all protocols and all content management systems."

Reuters is also developing two complementary toolkits that build on NewsML
Toolkit v1.0's document content extraction. The tools are:

* A conformance checking tool, which will verify a NewsML document
beyond visual basic DTD validation
* An application level toolkit, which will provide an intuitive level
of parsing of a NewsML document. This allows the user to pose queries from a
news perspective and 'prune' NewsItems in order to keep only selected

The Toolkit, which is being released as open source software with a lesser
version of the "GNU Lesser General Public License", can be found at the
following websites:
* http://newsml-toolkit.sourceforge.

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