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XRT announces the release of XRT Universe, its new "Collaborative" Treasury Management solution accessible in an Internet environment.

XRT, the secure financial flow architect and world leader in treasury management and banking communication solutions, has announced the release of its new "collaborative" treasury management solution, accessible in an Internet environment.

This solution, known as XRT Universe, designed mainly for medium and large-sized companies with revenues of at least 10 million euros, breaks down into three ranges offering different functions according to the size of the company and the level of cash flow complexity: XRT Universe SMB, XRT Universe Professional and XRT Universe Corporate.

The XRT Universe Treasury Management solution is based on the notion of a single parameterizable workspace allowing each company treasurer to create his own "management universe", compatible with all main operating systems on the market: Windows 2000 and Millennium and accessible through an Internet browser.
Its powerful "collaborative" functionalities (secure signature over the Internet, remote entry over the Intranet, integrated external information sources, access to financial market data and other interfacing tools) offer XRT Universe users a greater responsiveness with the benefit of accurate, up-to-date information. The Pervasive 2000 SQL database, together with Citrix NFUSE technology, makes the application available through an Internet browser.

XRT Universe groups the modular management universes to meet specific company cash flow requirements:
XRT [email protected] Universe to manage, optimize and monitor cash flows,
XRT [email protected] Universe for banking and account reconciliations,
XRT Risk Universe to manage foreign exchange and rate risks,
XRT [email protected] Universe to manage payments, and
XRT Communication and Signature Universe for secure financial exchange management and electronic transaction signatures.

XRT Universe is interoperable with the main ERP in the market, including JD Edwards and SAP, making the solution easier to integrate while rationalizing entries and securing data.

Jean Beaufort, XRT General Manager for SEMEA (South Europe, Middle East, Africa) explains: "XRT Universe is perfectly tailored to new company requirements in the Internet environment. We are cementing our position as a key provider of secure, interoperable solutions for electronic transactions between companies, banks and interest groups."

XRT Universe will be marketed directly for major companies and indirectly, over an XRT-approved distribution network: Business Partners Organization, starting from 3130 euros for the SMB version, 11800 euros for the Professional version and 54570 euros for the Corporate version.

A customized migration offer for users of Cash and Treasury Manager (Version 8.40) solution is also available. Cash and Treasury Manager is now used by over 10 000 companies worldwide and has received official Euro-compatibility certification for the second year running.