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EGAR Technology Emerges as Market Leader in Equity Derivatives With Launch of ETS

NEW YORK, NY, May 21, 2001- EGAR Technology ( today announced the release of its Equity Trading System (ETS), a real-time equity options trading and risk management platform. With the addition of ETS, EGAR Technology has quickly emerged as the market leader in equity derivatives systems and consulting and has developed a broad range of customized solutions for market-makers, trading desks and hedge funds.

Through ETS, EGAR provides a solution that was previously unavailable for active equity options traders-one that combines everything from trade entry to real-time market view screens to sophisticated risk analysis to decision analysis tools to proprietary implied volatility data. It also offers tools such as an index component volatility analyzer and correlation-based hedging analysis. Ravi Jain, CEO of EGAR Technology said "The launch of ETS gives EGAR Technology an unprecedented platform to rapidly develop and deploy one of the most robust equity trading systems in the market, at a fraction of what they typically cost." He added, "We have already seen an incredible amount of interest from market-makers moving upstairs and the hedge fund community."

The current equity options trading solutions tend to be too narrow or too expensive for all but the biggest trading organizations. Moreover, most existing solutions do not offer the customization that today's lightening-fast equity markets demand. The ETS solution was built more as a platform than a "closed system. " Using ETS as a base, EGAR offers custom development services that create client-specific solutions. Clients can thus be confident that most of the issues that arise in building a system have already been tackled, and that all valuation and risk analysis have been tested, which allows clients to focus on their specific needs rather than trying to find solutions from a preexisting system. This is not to say that ETS is not a robust system in itself. It is a complete solution for the needs of most equity option traders, offering all necessary features, including Quotes Views, Risk Views, Risk Matrices, market structure, real-time feeds, trade entry and position management blotters, and reporting.

As equity options traders’ needs expand, ETS’s extensibility, flexibility, and deep functionality allow it to be easily customized to meet evolving requirements. EGAR’s customized solutions, based on the same underlying technology, engines, components, processes and tools as ETS, are bundled together or used as the building blocks of an in-house or custom development project. This rare depth of resources allows EGAR to offer the broadest, most cost-effective solution and to provide extraordinary customer support.

ETS is built on a solid technological architecture using an industry standard MS SQL server database and MSQ based messaging. ETS provides API-based real-time feeds from Track and AT. Feed interfaces to Hyperfeed and Tenfore are also available. ETS also has a solid modeling base, leveraging EGAR’s financial engineering specialists. It includes binomial models as standard, and can also include a finite difference model with a local volatility surface. Custom analytics such as volatility skew and kurtosis models have been customized to ETS.

About EGAR Technology
EGAR Technology is a New York and Moscow-based firm specializing in capital markets systems, web applications, and software development. One of the fastest growing software and related services practices in financial technology, EGAR Technology's foundation is its highly specialized capital markets expertise and technical agility. EGAR's focus is on bringing its unparalled software development experience and resources to market through two services: 1) a suite of "pre-packaged" systems or tailored software solutions based on a common underlying proprietary technology platform; and 2) complex e-finance web development. EGAR's team exudes firepower and a level of sophistication the likes of which the editor-in-chief of a financial technology publication said he had never seen before in this sector.