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INsulate Release 2.2.0 Release Announcement

Integrity Check Locates Problems Within the Rules

A fifth tab has been added to the INsulate interface. The Integrity Check tab displays error, warning, and informational messages to alert you to any potential problems or oversights in the profiling and validation rules you are setting up.

- Error messages indicate fatal flaws in your rules setup. Error messages must be corrected before you can save the rules or launch processing.
- Warning messages indicate potential problems that could cause errors or omissions in your profiling or validation results.
- Informational messages indicate that you need to set additional options in order to get the results you expect.

New Transaction Set Layout Capabilities
· You can now directly import COBOL copybooks into the transaction set layout.
· When you import a transaction layout of any kind, the path and filename of the layout now display beside the import button on the layout screen.
· If you re-import a layout, you are notified of any elements that were on the old layout but are not on the new one. Rules for deleted elements are automatically deleted.
· You can now create transaction set layouts composed of up to 750 elements. Or, if you import a layout, INsulate will dynamically adjust the layout grid to accommodate the size of the layout.

Additional UNIX Platforms Supported

The INsulate server is now available for SUN Solaris and HP-UX.

Multi-Element Property Tool Enhanced

INsulate’s Multi-Element Property Tool has been enhanced. In addition to assigning profiling options and external values lists, this dialog box now allows you to:
· View current properties.
· Assign general format validations.
· Assign invalid format actions.
· Apply properties to one element or many elements simultaneously, using handy selection options.
These enhancements are particularly useful when you are working with lengthy data layouts.

Crystal Reports Installation Not Required

You are no longer required to separately install Crystal Reports in order to view reports in the user interface. Crystal Reports has been integrated into the INsulate installation.

History Database Information Remains Constant

The Keep History dialog box has been redesigned and renamed the History Database dialog box. The dialog box enables you to set up database configuration information and switch the Store History option on and off.

Only Validation Results in History Database

Beginning with Release 2.2.0, only validation results will be stored in the history database, when you elect to store history. Profiling is offered strictly as a discovery tool; profiling results will not be stored in the history database.
The history option has been modified on the Content Validation, Average Value Validation, and Element Score Validation dialog boxes to reflect the fact that current data will be compared to historical validation results only.

Maximum Errors to Report Defaults to 100

By default, INsulate will report only the first 100 errors for each element. Previously, all errors were reported unless the user specified an override.

Direct Imports from ACR/Data

Former users of ACR/Data version R30V0001.1, can directly import ACR/Data Value Lists into INsulate.

New Menu Icons Added

Icons were added to INsulate menu items to further enhance the intuitive look and feel of INsulate.

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