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Anvil Software opens office in Malta

Anvil Software Ltd, the financial software specialists, is delighted to announce the opening of a new office in Malta. Anvil Software currently has offices in London and Sydney.

Anvil Software builds technologically-advanced front-office portfolio management and trading systems for banks, investment banks, fund managers and financial institutions. Anvil has a global client base with installations on five continents.

Anvil took the decision to open an office in Malta, to help meet commitments to the growing portfolio of national and international clients. Since the beginning of 2001, Anvil has gained four new ARTS clients and has also sold their global cross-product system, Denarius, to a Scandinavian Central Bank.

Adrian Mercieca, who is Maltese, has been working as a technical consultant for Anvil London for the past three years. He is returning to Malta to run the new office. Adrian says,” I am delighted about the new office in Malta. It has meant that my family and I have been able to move back to Malta and I can continue working for Anvil, where I have had the chance to work with cutting-edge technologies in software development.”

Joe Nicholson, the Managing Director of Anvil Software comments, “The decision to open a development office in Malta is driven by Anvil’s continued search to recruit high calibre technical staff. We know there is great potential for tapping into the pool of highly educated technical staff available on the island.”

For more information contact:
Alison Robb on Tel: +44 (0)20 7749 7930 or [email protected]

Anvil Software supplies front-office trading systems for the world’s leading investment banks and financial institutions. Anvil has offices in London and Sydney. Anvil's main products:

· Denarius, a global cross-product trading system. The Denarius system consists of Trade Capture, Position Management, Risk Management and Pricing functionality for a broad range of traded products such as: Bonds, Money Markets, Repo, F/X, Futures, Swaps and other Derivatives.

· The Anvil Repo Trading System (ARTS), the most popular third-party front-office system for international repo. ARTS entered the repo and securities lending markets with a fresh approach to trade capture and position keeping. ARTS is a global, real-time trading system, has a rich set of reporting tools and unbeatable levels of flexibility and reliability. ARTS is used in all the major markets across five continents. With Equity functionality being added, ARTS is the best Total Collateral Management System available.

· Anvil Carry, The Cost of Carry allocation system. The Anvil Carry system provides traders, management and accountants with accurate and timely cost of carry information.

In addition, Anvil also offers a broad range of consultancy skills to financial institutions looking to improve their business performance through the effective use of information technology.