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London, 19 February 2001 - Rolfe & Nolan, the leading developer of processing software for futures and options has appointed a new director of European sales - Jim McCarthy - as part of its strategic plan to sell and promote the entire Rolfe & Nolan product suite throughout Europe. This new position has arisen as a result of the split in the role of sales and marketing director into two separate functions to enable more focus in each area.

Jim McCarthy will be responsible for expanding the Rolfe & Nolan product offering as well as exploiting new opportunities across European markets, through the new and extended product range. As a highly qualified sales person with over twenty years experience in the area of financial software, Jim is suitably placed to develop new market areas in line with Rolfe &
Nolan's focused approach. Jim will manage sales teams in the UK and Germany where in particular he will aim to concentrate the sales effort and develop new and existing relationships.

Prior to joining Rolfe & Nolan in February 2001, Jim worked for Consort Securities Systems Ltd. where he held the position of sales & marketing director. He was responsible for the direction of all sales, marketing and account management activities. His performance at Consort resulted in a
15% increase in revenue from 1999 to 2000.

Jim is not a newcomer to Rolfe & Nolan. Jim previously worked at the company between 1997 and 1999 and rose rapidly through the ranks from UK sales manager to regional sales director in this time. He has also worked at SunGard Data Systems and Cortex Computer Systems where he has held similar positions in sales and marketing. His return to Rolfe & Nolan demonstrates his professional regard for the company and his belief in its position in the marketplace. The newly created position of director of European sales gives him a new and exciting challenge and an opportunity to consolidate all his industry knowledge.

Commenting on his new role, Jim McCarthy said, " I am delighted to be able to rejoin a company that is experiencing such immense growth and drive. I am sure the relationship will be a mutually beneficial one and believe that Rolfe & Nolan is ideally placed to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving marketplace."

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