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The Emirates Bank Group and the Coface Group have signed a partnership

The Emirates Bank Group and the Coface Group have signed a partnership agreement to offer businesses the @rating Solution, the first worldwide, insurable certification system.
@rating was launched in Dubai on Monday 19 March

Emirates Bank Group (EBG), one of the leading United Arab Emirates banks, and the Coface Group, worldwide leader in export credit-insurance, have signed a partnership agreement to provide UAE businesses with the @rating Solution.

While the globalisation of trade and the growth of e-commerce creates new opportunities for businesses, it also raises the problems of lack of transparency and security, hence reducing the ambitions of many companies. Three major issues arise: visibility and credibility of their own company, reliability of their commercial partners and protection of their commercial transactions.

@rating Solution provides the answers. Offered by the Coface Group in around 100 countries, this new on-line service has a line of exclusive products enabling any company in the world:

To be recognised as a reliable commercial partner, by applying for the @rating Quality Label certification (which can be displayed freely on its documents and website and consulted free of charge on;

To check and monitor (through, the creditworthiness of its own commercial partners, customers or suppliers to fulfil their commercial commitments. Where the partners have obtained the @rating Quality Label certification; this service is free of charge

To request protection against risk of non-payment with @rating Protection for sales to companies with @rating quality Label certification.

These three @rating services help bring transparency and confidence to commerce between businesses. They are perfectly adapted to the globalisation of today’s traditional commercial transactions and to the increasing challenges we face with the growth of e-commerce.

Emirates Bank Group aims to enhance its current portfolio in electronic banking by offering the range of @rating services to businesses in the U.A.E. and bordering countries.