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XRT Launches Globe$ Offering Geared to the North American Market Global Solution for Integrated Cash, Treasury and Risk Management Now Compatible with North American Financial Instruments and Cash Management Practices

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., February 27, 2001 - North American multinational companies can now centralize treasury, financial risk and cash management globally using XRT Globe$™ version 3.5. Globe$, which is already in wide use among XRT European customers, is designed to meet the demands of large companies. Globe$ integrates the entire cash flow and financial risk management process. It also manages all treasury centralization procedures through an integrated set of modules: Risk Management, Front-to-Back Office Dealing, Hedge Accounting, Cash Management, Domestic and International Payments and In-House Banking.

Globe$ is also compliant with FAS 133/IAS39 accounting standards and offers extensive Internet capabilities as well as a wide range of interfaces that integrate with market data services and accounting environments. This most recent version of Globe$ enables its cash, treasury and financial risk management functions to meet the unique requirements of North American financial instruments and cash management practices. Globe$ version 3.5 is compatible with cash management practices and payment methods used by North American practitioners, which differ from those used by their European counterparts. In terms of treasury management, North American organizations also rely on a wider range of negotiable financial instruments.

A number of new functionalities are available with Globe$ version 3.5. These include specific payment formats, account structure and centralization, language parameters, integration of Mark-to-Market pricing into a unified financial library, and credit lines management. These new features enable effective automation of treasury processes including operations tracability, financial risks hedging and clearing of commercial transactions with financial instruments.