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XRT - Activity and revenue for the 4th quarter 2000

As previously announced at the time of the capital increase at the end of 2000, the consolidated turnover for the 4th quarter is in line with the figures forecast, that is € 12 Millions. The annual consolidated turnover was € 41.6 Millions, a decrease of 24.4 % compared to 1999. On a constant basis and exchange rate, the decrease was 27.9 % compared to 1999.

The slow-down of activity was particularly noticeable in France where the installed basis is the largest and was largely upgraded in 1999.

The international revenues fell only by 3 % and, for the first time exceed the sales in France, representing 60 % of consolidated turnover.

The development of the group focused on the strategic axis of dematerialization and the securing of financial transactions. This in turn, brought about two major events :

Conclusion of a technological partnership with Cashware, the leading provider of trusted third-party services and secured infrastructures for BtoB and BtoF exchanges ;

-supplying financial market places with XRT solutions : in France, Answork set up by BNP-Paribas, Crédit Agricole, Société Générale and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, and for international exchanges, Boléro International Ltd.

XRT Management is implementing the Business Plan which was constructed at the beginning of the 4th quarter of 2000. This plan is defined in the Offering Memorandum registered with the COB under visa #00-1759 as of October 31, 2000. XRT is evolving its core business through the key concept of the "Collaborative Treasury Management" solution. The focus of this offer is the global optimisation of enterprise-wide risk and cash management functions, supported by the secure exchange of information, to improve the internal and external financial flow connectivity of the client company and is essential for the proper management of electronic payments, and for full compliance with the new international accounting rules.