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La Poste's Ambitious Cyberpost Project
La Poste has instituted a Cyberpost project involving the installation of
1,000 Internet terminals in rural and neighborhood post offices throughout
France. It is also offering a free Web address and permanent electronic
mailbox to every French citizen.

"Our ambition is to become one of the leading information society players in
France and across Europe as a whole," said Martin Vial, La Poste's new

================================================================ Switzerland's Largest Customer Complaint Portal
================================================================ has been collecting opinions and complaints from customers
since the beginning of 2001. At this point, they are still looking for
venture capital and companies interested in soliciting feedback for their
companies. The company's vision: to function as a neutral party for
companies who want to outsource their customer opinion review system.
The advantages this portal promises for companies are not be to overlooked.

ID Mouse: A Mouse that Remembers Fingerprints
Siemens has a solution for people who constantly forget computer passwords.
Called the ID Mouse, the device uses biometrics to take advantage of the
unique features of people's fingerprints. German electronics maker Siemens
said the device works by allowing pre-authorized people to retrieve
information from their PCs or laptops.

Mobile Phone Operators to Charge Rivals
To cope with the boom in text (SMS) messaging, mobile phone firms will soon
start charging each other for each message they pass to a rival network.
"Originally, it was a flat fee for a fixed volume of messages," said Neil
Bent, marketing and PR manager for One2One. "Now, we're moving to an easier
system of a rate per message."
All the mobile phone operators will start charging rivals 3p for every text
message they pass to that network.

M-Commerce Boom to Fuel Europe's Biometrics Market
A study by Frost & Sullivan found that the growing fear of fraud,
intensified by the explosion in e-commerce usage and the advent of
m-commerce, is the main driver behind growth in the European biometric
identification market. Complementary technologies, in particular smart cards
and mobile telecommunications, hold the key to the biometrics market, the
survey stressed.

By the end of the forecast period in 2006, the fingerprint will account for
nearly half of total sales in the biometric ID market, with voice
authentication ranking in second position. In its review of national
markets, the report identifies Germany as the steadiest source of growth.
The dominant application area in the year 2006 will be authentication,
physical access control and surveillance & monitoring.

Economic Indices of Switzerland on the Internet
Until recently, obtaining indicators on the Swiss economy was a painful
ordeal. No longer! The Bundesamt für Statistik (BFS) now offers a
collection of the most important indicators on the Swiss economy on the
Internet. The site included 19 subjects on population, labor, consumer
goods, production, consumer price index and monetary aspects.