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HP Opens HP European Solution Center for Capital Markets

Center Expected to Cut Deployment Costs and Delivery Time for Financial Services Customers

LONDON, Jan. 30, 2001 - Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HWP) today announced the opening of the HP European Solution Center for capital markets, based in London.

The HP European Solution Center is expected to provide customers and partners with a full lifecycle solution from pre-installation sizing, configuration, integration and proof-of-concept testing to total solution support, resulting in faster deployment rates and a significant drop in client incurred expenses. The HP European Solution Center is now available for HP's mission-critical financial services solutions in the areas of electronic trading, treasury management, securities processing and e-banking.

HP's approach is a first in the capital markets sector to combine its laboratory with operations management and support. Competitor firms working on solutions for other industries have previously conducted gradual pre-implementation testing and integration, and post-implementation support service levels, but the final burden for success has resided on-site, with the customer -- with all the consulting fees, delayed time-to-market and complex, multi-supplier support plans which that approach can entail. The HP European Solution Center pools the expertise and resources of HP and its partners to streamline the implementation and management of customized solutions for improved time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership, creating solid product experience and value-added benefits to its customers.

"In an increasingly aggressive market, it is critical that HP take full advantage of its best available technologies in order to provide fast, reliable and secure solutions to our clients," said Elizabeth Sipiere, director of worldwide capital markets, HP e-Financial Services Business Unit. "By providing the ability to test customized solutions and build ongoing support capability, the HP European Solution Center is one more way in which HP technologies will help its customers successfully compete in a dynamic environment."

"Deploying business solutions for capital markets can demand that customers invest significant amounts of time and resources to configure, integrate and optimize a financial services solution in order to meet performance and availability requirements," said Clive Parry, consulting program manager, HP European Solution Center. "The HP Solution Center was established to build and deploy pre-integrated solutions that provide shorter execution cycles and decreased costs."

The combination of ongoing testing with client-specific customization and integration at the HP European Solution Center delivers services to capital markets clients by enabling proactive support planning for solution availability and performance. In order to assure the best available customized technologies, the HP European Solution Center is staffed by experienced HP consultants, capital markets software development specialists and solution architects for both the technology ecosystem and ongoing support services.