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"NF compatibilité Euro certifiée", the French Euro standard quality label, awarded for the second year running to XRT solutions.

XRT, world leader in cash management, announces that its Cash & Treasury Manager (CTM8.40d) and Communication Manager solutions satisfy the requirements of the "NF compatibilité Euro certifiée" (Certified Euro-Compatible) French quality label for 2001.

Since 1997, XRT has developed a "euro" strategy, based on the three following concepts:
· A global software package offer, with the CTM solution, which integrates generic and modular functions dedicated to the euro,
· A customized service package (installation, training, euro documentation, customer support)
· A project package allowing the adaptation of information systems.

The CTM and Communication Manager solutions cover the following areas:
- Cash flow and liquidity risk management
- Financing and investment management
- Exchange risk optimisation
- Interest rate risk optimisation
- Payment and collection management
- Payment security
- Management and automation of bank reconciliation
- Management and automation of electronic draft reconciliation
- Bank-to–business communication.

XRT’s euro services are designed to help companies to optimise and secure the switch to Euro. The consequent information system reorganization ensures compatibility and durability, especially with more sensitive developments such as spreadsheets and interfaces. The euro project framework also enables companies to improve their competitive ranking, bank terms, cash-pooling and to take advantage of the new opportunities created by the development of Euroland.

The changeover to euro demands qualitative support, involving all internal and external company members. Although the implementation deadline is less than one year away, only 18% of the companies surveyed have measured the impact of the project on their business.

To help SMEs and SMMEs to catch up, XRT has developed the following solutions:
· Global project management from launch through to “benefit harvesting”
· Pre-diagnosis
· Detailed functional and technical analyses
· Preparatory audit and switch to Euro strategy formulation
· Setting up of test platforms
· Management of Euro procedures and switch to Euro implementation
· Preferential support line for clients: "XRT Euro line".

XRT is the first publisher whose cash management, financial risk management and bank communication solutions have been awarded the "NF compatibilité Euro certifiée" (French certificate of compatibility with Euro) quality label.