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Sophis, the equity and derivatives trading and risk management software specialist, has announced the release of a new Real-Time Server for its RISQUE system.

Built around n-tier CORBA architecture the Sophis Real-Time Server provides
improved performance and scalability for users of the RISQUE system. It
provides real-time quotes, electronic tickets and access to a centralised

Additionally, the Sophis Real-Time Server handles multiple electronic
market feeds. Clients can receive real-time quotes from any number of
sources, route orders to multiple exchanges and retrieve execution
information in real-time.

Arnaud Vinciguerra, Director of Research & Development at Sophis said: "As
trading portfolios become larger and more complex there is a greater need
for performance and high-speed distribution of risk reports to multiple
sites. Heavy-duty data analysis and stress testing require an enormous
amount of processing power. The development of our new Real Time Server
based on an n-tier CORBA platform dramatically improves processing power
providing a scalable solution that solves the complex load balancing
problems that sometimes plague users as the size and complexity of their
trading portfolio increases.

The development a single gateway between the Sophis Risque trading
appplication and multiple market interfaces will enable traders to route
orders directly to the markets, anywhere in the world, in real time, 24
hours a day giving them real-time, global market coverage."

The Sophis Distributed Real-time Server runs on a SUN UNIX platform under
Solaris 2.7, using Orbacus 3.3.2 and uses an Oracle database.