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XRT and Cashware build Notary Exchange Trust for secure financial transactions on the internet

As part of its internet strategy, XRT has finalised a cooperation agreement with Cashline to secure online financial transactions. Cashware is the leading supplier of data protection services and infrastructures for business-to-business marketplaces.

Financial transactions are becoming increasingly abstract due to the growing number of marketplaces and the use of internet applications by large companies. This is presenting new challenges in terms of data protection and integrity, transaction validation, data storage, payment security, certification management and a correct interaction with existing information systems.

This is why XRT and Cashware have developed the new internet service known as "Notary Exchange Trust". Notary Exchange Trust enables companies to use existing Cashware protection infrastructure for their own financial transactions. Notary Exchange Trust is designed for all major certificate suppliers (PKI), for both local and cross-border transactions.

A PKI or Public Key Infrastructure consists of digital certificates,
Certificate Authorities and other registration bodies which ensure that each party to an internet transaction is the one it claims to be. A
Certificate Authority (CA) issues certificates which can be used to make digital signatures and keys.

Notary Exchange Trust helps companies which set up Collaborative Management systems via the internet. It will principally facilitate the management and security of financial transactions in relation to accounting and other financial operations, such as cover transactions and payments. XRT has started developing integrable tools for user identification which permit different levels of competence within a company.

Notary Exchange Trust is the result of unique cooperation between companies which offer services for financial integration and transaction security over the internet.