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Wholesale / Commercial Banking Systems

Finding a wholesale/commercial banking system best suited to your needs is easy with Bobsguide. From credit administration solutions to trade finance systems, we offer the most up-to-date information on wholesale/commercial banking systems in the financial sector.

Card Processing / Payments

Software, hardware and services designed for the purpose of issuance of credit cards, and the...

Central Banking Systems

Software and solutions that enable banks to manage and settle securities and financial transactions.

Commercial Banking Solutions

Software and services dealing with financial management, risk and compliance for businesses and...

Credit Administration

Software and services designed for the purpose of credit processing and management.

Electronic Commerce Solutions

Products and solutions related to all aspects of online trading and finance.

Factoring Systems / Trade Finance Systems

Software, hardware and services dealing with factoring, asset management, trade finance and...

Microfinance / Microbanking

Software, hardware and services related to microfinance - providing credit and loans, normally very...

Repo and Securities Lending

Software and solutions related to the trading and processing of securities and repos.

Syndicated / Project Loans

Software, hardware and services for syndicated lending.

Looking for wholesale/commercial banking systems?

For businesses involved in the wholesale/commercial banking industry, getting hold of reliable, efficient and relevant technological software, hardware and services that aids the running of a company is vital in this highly competitive sector.

Wholesale/commercial banking systems can help with a range of important things – from providing credit and loans in the microfinance industry to settling securities transactions. By using Bobsguide, registered users can take advantage of the opportunity to investigate a number of different wholesale/commercial banking systems, with the offerings on display ranging from card processing software to electronic commerce solutions.

Bobsguide does not only act as a place to source the latest wholesale/commercial banking systems technology. We also keep you up to date with the latest news from the industry, as well as providing details on what relevant jobs are currently being advertised.

By registering with us today, you can make the most of all of the services Bobsguide has to offer. The registration process costs nothing and is easy to complete, giving you access to our full range of useful services.

The types of wholesale/commercial banking systems available

There is a wide variety of types of wholesale/commercial banking systems and software programs on the market, each of which offers users assistance with their business operations. Each firm will be able to make use of the solution that most fits their needs.

Here at Bobsguide, we have separated the type of wholesale/commercial banking systems into a range of different categories to make it as easy as possible to find the solution you require.

Card processing/payments software, hardware and services have been designed for the purpose of credit card issuance, as well as authorizing and processing payments.

Our list of commercial banking solutions covers services and software made to help firms tackle compliance and risk issues, along with financial management.

The electronic commerce solutions on the website are related to all aspects of online finance and trading.

Meanwhile, the microfinance/microbanking offerings are designed to help with the provision of credit and loans to low income communities.

For companies involved with syndicated lending, our syndicated/project loans section offers a range of useful software, hardware and services.

The central banking systems portal covers technology that helps banks manage and settle securities and financial transactions.

There is also credit administration software and services which can aid firms that work in the field of credit processing and management.

Software, hardware and services are also available for factoring systems/trade finance systems in order to deal with areas such as asset management and receivables management.

Finally, technology is also available to aid those involved with repos and securities lending.

Find the best wholesale/commercial banking system with Bobsguide

At Bobsguide, we have created a centralized database where you can take a look at a vast range of wholesale/commercial banking systems, which all have the ability to help companies run more efficiently.

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