Reaping the Benefits of Agility in Capital Markets

14th December 2017

Company: Murex
In the fast-evolving capital markets, technology needs to be up to date, scalable and able to cope with the heavy demands. With legacy infrastructures struggling to meet the challenges, adopting a DevOps approach to your technology can help you compete, improving quality, enhancing predictability and increasing flexibility. In this paper, we share... read more

IFRS 9 Data Management Challenges

12th December 2017

Company: Xenomorph
The mandatory adoption of IFRS 9 at the beginning of 2018 will cause a number of data management challenges for firms impacted and required to comply with the new accounting standards. This paper outlines key challenges, including the need to adopt a consistent approach to measuring expected credit losses, as well as accurately classifying assets... read more

Spreadsheets & Operational Risk: Instrument Valuation Issues, Data & Regulation

11th December 2017

Company: Xenomorph
Regulations such as BCBS 239 are forcing changes in the usage and governance of spreadsheets and other end-user computing (EUC) applications in financial markets. This paper outlines the main risks in spreadsheet usage in derivative and fixed income valuation, and explains some of the regulators motivations in addressing this source of operational... read more

In-Memory Computing for Financial Services eBook: Part 3

7th December 2017

Company: GridGain Systems
Large companies accumulating massive amounts of data need to be able to perform analytics on that data in real time in a cost-conscious manner to ensure a good user experience. In this eBook, Part 3 of the In-Memory Computing for Financial Services eBook Series, discusses how financial service firms are using in-memory computing platforms such as... read more

Spreadsheet Agility within EDM – Centralized. Audited. Compliant.

7th December 2017

Company: Xenomorph
This paper describes how spreadsheet calculations and analytics can be integrated within a centralized, audited Enterprise Data Management (EDM) process. Given regulations such as BCBS 239 and Dodd-Frank mandating a reduction in the reliance upon manual end-user processes, such an approach offers the flexibility, agility and ease of use that... read more

Artificial Intelligence in Securities Finance and Collateral Management

29th November 2017

Following numerous hype cycles, artificial intelligence is now gaining widespread adoption with the potential to radically transform many areas of the financial services industry. Our whitepaper covers the following topics: • What are the latest advances in AI in financial services? • Why is this different than previous technological... read more

IFRS 9 hedge accounting: time is running out for compliance

28th November 2017

Company: ION Treasury
IFRS 9 will come into effect for periods beginning on or after 1 January 2018. As IFRS 9 compliance projects take time and come along with technology investments, they require a solid business case. This white paper gives finance teams an express track to compliance. Based on the experience of early adopters around the world, the information here... read more

SimCorp Asset Management Industry Outlook 2018

27th November 2017

Company: SimCorp
WHAT’S NEXT FOR THE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY? To prepare for our annual Outlook report we looked back on the whirlwind events of the past 12 months. If 2017 was any indication, you hardly need a crystal ball to know 2018 will be an eventful year too. New developments in regulations, disruptive technologies, market demands and mounting... read more

FRTB Market Risk Capital Framework - Putting the Spotlight on Data Quality

27th November 2017

Company: Xenomorph
This paper describes the ‘fundamental’ nature of changes associated with the revised market risk capital framework prompted by the FRTB, and the broad data management challenges that firms will face as a result of the new framework. read more

Leading from the front: Collateral Management Technology Spotlight

24th November 2017

Article featured in Securities Lending Times Collateral 2017/18 During the Calypso Client Conference in London, senior members of the Calypso product management and customer success management teams discussed how the firm’s Collateral Management solution is developing and how to anticipate the evolving needs of clients and the global financial... read more