The Acquirer’s Playbook for Managing Risk

4th April 2018

Company: Feedzai
How to fight fraud, increase business and stay competitive It’s no secret that our push towards technological innovation in digital payments has made fraud a clear and present danger for acquirers. According to the Association of Financial Professionals, 74% of organizations have experienced attempted or actual payments fraud in 2016. As... read more

Why Banks Must Digitally Transform in 2018 or Risk Fading Away

3rd April 2018

Wasting time means losing money. That is what digital era businesses cannot bear, and very soon the speed of traditional bankers and banking methods will be comparable to a steam train being placed next to a modern Transrapid i.e. the banking technology of the future. This fact has been recognised by the banks. Download this insight piece to find... read more

DataTech: Optimizing Data and Technology Innovation in Fund Servicing

27th March 2018

Company: Confluence
• Explore the DataTech Evolution: Past, Present and Future • Learn how Structured Data and Technology Innovation are transforming Asset Servicing • Understand how DataTEch is Paving the Way for a Digital Back Office read more

Creating a Friction Free Digital Finance System - E-book

23rd March 2018

In the past, Accounts Payable (AP) teams started their days opening the post, attaching coding and authorisation tickets to invoices, sending them for approval, and chasing for invoices to be returned. They then entered details onto the mainframe or mini-computer system, which paid the invoices and they archived the documents in the filing cabinet.... read more

Solution Literature: Data Management

21st March 2018

Company: AutoRek
AutoRek provides at its core, a powerful data management platform supporting the data collection, consolidation, validation and submission required for compliance with reporting regulations and directives. Our purpose-built solutions are used to improve the quality and efficiency of financial data management, from cost reduction and process... read more


20th March 2018

Over the past decade, great improvements have been made in the field of Accounts Payable Automation. The daily challenges of Accounts Payable departments can now become a thing of the past; input errors, unmanageable daily volume, inconsistent invoice format, and invoices without purchase orders are now distant memories to organisations that have... read more

Guide to Intelligent GDPR Compliance

16th March 2018

Organizations around the world are scrambling to understand and comply with the new European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which impacts not only EU companies but anyone who handles the data of EU citizens. Download this white paper to learn how to quickly and cost-effectively have the correct information to meet GDPR... read more

12 Guidelines for Success in Data Quality Projects

16th March 2018

This white paper discusses key characteristics of data quality initiatives and provides actionable guidelines to help make your project a success. read more

Why IT Struggles with Digital Transformation (and What to Do About It)

14th March 2018

Company: OutSystems
To win the digital transformation race, successful IT leaders need to overcome three immense challenges: massive backlogs, legacy debt, and scarce resources. And, at the same time, they need to embrace new methods that are better suited to fast-paced innovation. This eBook explores how you can adapt your organization’s application development and... read more

How PSD2 Changes The Way You Fight Fraud: A Guide For Banks

14th March 2018

Company: Feedzai
Is the New State of Banking a Fraudster’s Paradise? The PSD2 transformation promises to make life better for customers. But will these changes come at a cost? As PSD2 disrupts commerce, it threatens standard fraud prevention strategies too. We all know that fraud evolves constantly, and without an established risk plan to guide you through the... read more