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FINTECHS–OPPORTUNITY OR THREAT?: a pragmatic approach to assess FinTech

25th July 2016

In the last six years, a proliferation of new “FinTech” ventures eager to capitalize on shifting market needs and preferences, have emerged. Rather than sit back and watch these new models eliminate them, organizations need to address these innovative initiatives as opportunities rather than threats. In this article, Sean O’Donnell reviews... read more

Enterprise Data Management: A Solution for Evolving Industry Requirements

25th July 2016

Company: Xenomorph
This white paper outlines areas in which key industry issues around enterprise data management can be effectively addressed using Xenomorph’s leading EDM solution, TimeScape EDM+. read more

FUEL MARKETING OPTIMIZATION: providing an advantage in a complex market

22nd July 2016

Fuel marketing companies are faced with a volatile commodity market and an increasingly stringent regulatory environment. Better decision support systems are required to provide insights to grow margins and effectively utilize assets. In this article, Pooja Malhotra, Rathin Gupta and Rajiv Gupta discuss how recent advances in computing make a... read more

ENERGY INTELLIGENCE: the key to competitive advantage in the volatile LNG market

21st July 2016

Today’s LNG industry faces extreme price volatility and uncertainty in supply and demand. As a result, firms that are interested in remaining competitive and protecting profits have begun to critically evaluate their business processes and the technology that enables them. In this article, Ritesh Sehgal, Parry Ruparelia and Sidhartha Bhandari... read more

Spreadsheets & Operational Risk: Instrument Valuation Issues, Data & Regulation

19th July 2016

Company: Xenomorph
Regulations such as BCBS 239 are forcing changes in the usage and governance of spreadsheets and other end-user computing (EUC) applications in financial markets. This paper outlines the main risks in spreadsheet usage in derivative and fixed income valuation, and explains some of the regulators motivations in addressing this source of operational... read more

Beyond monitoring: Where is your solution on the business value spectrum?

18th July 2016

Company: Velocimetrics
Download this white paper to explore the future of monitoring. Whilst previous solutions limited firms to reacting to incidents, the trajectory of advancements now taking place are enabling firms to employ predictive analytics, forecast upcoming problems and access the actionable insights necessary to entirely avoid an issue occurring or rapidly... read more

Why effective payment incident management demands real-time, actionable insight

18th July 2016

Company: Velocimetrics
Explore how Payment Incident Managers can more effectively control operational risks, escalating costs and the customer’s experience when processing issues occur. Discover the latest developments in real-time transaction tracking technology and how these tools now provide all parties involved in an incident's management with immediate access to... read more

Spreadsheet Agility within EDM – Centralized. Audited. Compliant.

18th July 2016

Company: Xenomorph
This paper describes how spreadsheet calculations and analytics can be integrated within a centralized, audited Enterprise Data Management (EDM) process. Given regulations such as BCBS 239 and Dodd-Frank mandating a reduction in the reliance upon manual end-user processes, such an approach offers the flexibility, agility and ease of use that... read more

DYNAMICS OF DISRUPTION: an ‘Uber’ approach to compliance reporting

15th July 2016

With MiFID II requirements looming, firms face the need to build the new capabilities necessary to meet complex mandates for trade and transaction reporting. Or do they? As Uber and Airbnb continue reshaping the transportation and hospitality industries, a growing number of firms are adopting a similarly disruptive approach to trade and transaction... read more
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