Spreadsheets & Operational Risk: Instrument Valuation Issues, Data & Regulation

25th April 2017

Company: Xenomorph
Regulations such as BCBS 239 are forcing changes in the usage and governance of spreadsheets and other end-user computing (EUC) applications in financial markets. This paper outlines the main risks in spreadsheet usage in derivative and fixed income valuation, and explains some of the regulators motivations in addressing this source of operational... read more

Spreadsheet Agility within EDM – Centralized. Audited. Compliant.

24th April 2017

Company: Xenomorph
This paper describes how spreadsheet calculations and analytics can be integrated within a centralized, audited Enterprise Data Management (EDM) process. Given regulations such as BCBS 239 and Dodd-Frank mandating a reduction in the reliance upon manual end-user processes, such an approach offers the flexibility, agility and ease of use that... read more

New Report Release: Expectations for Japan-domiciled foreign-denominated funds

24th April 2017

Domestically domiciled foreign-denominated investment trusts are seen as a promising fund product that meets the needs of Japanese financial institutions, particularly banks. They also offer dividend tax advantages. While such funds can already be offered privately, several issues currently prevent them from being publicly offered to retail... read more

Strong Authentication Buyer's Guide

20th April 2017

Company: Crossmatch
$10 Billion a year is spent on weak authentication solutions. Stop wasting money! There's a right way and a wrong way to buy strong authentication. Read the Strong Authentication Buyer's guide to ensure your way is the right one. read more

Enterprise Data Management: A Solution for Evolving Industry Requirements

19th April 2017

Company: Xenomorph
This white paper outlines areas in which key industry issues around enterprise data management can be effectively addressed using Xenomorph’s leading EDM solution, TimeScape EDM+. read more

Enterprise Data Management: What a Modern EDM System Needs to Offer

19th April 2017

Company: Xenomorph
This white paper establishes the key components of a "modern" EDM system. It outlines the principal drivers to EDM adoption within financial markets and the business outcomes firms are looking for, and then describes the features required to deliver these outcomes and how such a system satisfies the broader needs of the enterprise. read more

Exposing Vulnerabilities with a Multi-Asset Class Risk System

18th April 2017

Company: Axioma, Inc.
This paper looks at ways the analysis of a global equity portfolio can be enhanced through the use of a multi-asset class risk solution to deliver additional insights on the portfolio’s sensitivities to certain macroeconomic factors and co-movements with other asset classes. Specifically, the question we are addressing here is whether we can... read more

Will fund passport catch on widely in Asia also?

17th April 2017

Asian countries are preparing to launch the Asia Region Funds Passport(ARFP) scheme to allow funds registered in ARFP-participant countries to be sold in other participant countries. Although the AFRP faces hurdles, it is expected to invigorate markets by facilitating cross-border fund sales among participating countries. read more

Microsoft® MFA for Office 365, Security Gaps Remain

13th April 2017

Company: Crossmatch
Many applications are still solely designed to use traditional username/password authentication and can’t be secured with Microsoft’s MFA. To address this gap, Microsoft introduced App Passwords. App passwords allow users to bypass multi-factor authentication and continue to use their application. The unfortunate result is that users now need... read more