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Leapfrog the Competition with Agile Procurement

24th February 2017

Company: OpenLink
From baked goods to candy and cocoa confectioners, manufacturers across a range of industries must confront the challenge of thin margins. By integrating procurement, hedging, operations planning and sales, firms can achieve more agile and responsive procurement, capture cost savings, optimize hedges and mitigate compliance risk. Learn more in... read more

Are Passwords Really as Bad as they Say? The credential everyone loves to hate.

24th February 2017

Company: Crossmatch
Despite the strident proclamations of the demise of passwords, they are nowhere near dead. In fact, they’re just getting warmed up. Passwords do pose security challenges, but to say they are dead and should be summarily retired from use is impractical at best and downright destructive at worst. Download this white paper to learn techniques... read more

Preserving Profits - Attacking Fraud & Theft at the Point of Sale

23rd February 2017

Company: Crossmatch
In retail, one of the greatest points of vulnerability to theft is the Point of Sale (POS). This paper reveals current POS employee theft statistics and quantifies the exposure retailers face when relying on common methods of signing into the POS, such as PINs, passwords, swipe cards and keys. An increasing number of retailers are turning to... read more

New Report Release: Regulatory sandboxes are going live

23rd February 2017

Regulatory sandboxes are gaining popularity as a framework for promoting financial innovation by cordoning off a sort of “safe space” for testing new business ideas within an existing regulatory regime. Regulatory sandboxes are expediting the financial sector’s shift toward more consumer-responsive business models in the aim of better serving... read more

White Paper- Financial Markets Data and Analytics. Everywhere You Need Them.

23rd February 2017

Company: Xenomorph
This White Paper provides an introduction to the TimeScape MarketPlace, a cloud-based data solution for publishing and consuming financial markets data and analytics. TimeScape MarketPlace enables multi-user and multi-organization access to published data sets and analytics in the cloud, and adds integration with Microsoft Power BI. read more

How Agile Data Management Can Power Business Transformation White Paper

22nd February 2017

This research paper offers new research demonstrating the extent to which data management capabilities underpin the business-transformation initiatives of asset managers. read more

MiFID II white paper

22nd February 2017

To help you prepare for MiFID II compliance, we have produced a white paper detailing what you need to know. Our white paper brings out the latest views from David Woolcock - member of the Market Practitioners Group for the FXWG at the BIS, Chair of the Committee for Professionalism and Vice Chair of the ACI Foreign Exchange Committee. David is... read more

Killer fintech use cases for corporate banking: problems waiting for solutions

22nd February 2017

Company: Misys
Only corporate banks that translate client demands into connected strategy will become the high-performance banks of tomorrow. This exclusive report by analyst house Aite Goup and Misys examines why banks must consider the business objectives of corporate clients as they embark on technology change in corporate and transaction banking. What is the... read more

Enterprise Data Management: A Solution for Evolving Industry Requirements

22nd February 2017

Company: Xenomorph
This white paper outlines areas in which key industry issues around enterprise data management can be effectively addressed using Xenomorph’s leading EDM solution, TimeScape EDM+. read more
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