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Basic Securities Reconciliation for the Buy Side

16th December 2014

Company: Watson Wheatley
A white paper by Duncan Wheatley, Director of reconciliation specialists Watson Wheatley Financial Systems. This paper focuses on the operational control requirements of a buy-side securities trading firm with particular reference to post trade reconciliation. read more

Steps towards PAS transformation

16th December 2014

Company: JMR Infotech
Should your company go for a Policy Admin System (PAS) change? Is the company really ready to make the change? Does your management want you to change PAS before making necessary organisational change? Should the Policy Admin change be the sole responsibility of the CIO and is a CIO lead initiative? In this white paper the author would like to... read more

Risk management is more than just hedging for metal processors

9th December 2014

Price risk management has been an integral part of the management profile of metal processors for some time. Initially it was larger smelters, refiners and semi-fabricators who developed policies and resources for protecting their earnings against the vagaries of metal price volatility, but recently small and medium-sized companies have realized... read more

The Direction of Reconciliation Systems

8th December 2014

Company: Watson Wheatley
The view of Watson Wheatley Director Duncan Wheatley on the direction of reconciliation systems. read more

The Payment Industry's 'Perfect Storm'

5th December 2014

Company: Global Payments
Global Payments, one of the largest card payment processors in the world, have released a report on the future of the payments industry. The payments industry is at the centre of what we might term as a ‘perfect storm’, where new customer needs, product innovation, easily available technology and investor funding combined create huge... read more

Reinforcing Market Confidence with Consistent Stress Testing

5th December 2014

In this paper we will explore how financial institutions are able to systematically increase the confidence from both their customers and regulators by applying integrated and consistent stress testing techniques and methodologies. read more

Banking in the digital age - White paper

5th December 2014

New technologies are profoundly changing the strategic context of the business world across industries by altering customers’ behavior and expectations, the structure of competition and business conduct. The banking industry is no exception. It is forced to evolve not only to secure existing sources of revenues but also to find new ones. The... read more

The Thought Train: Stock Connect's Impact and Future

2nd December 2014

Company: Thomson Reuters
Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect launched on Monday, November 17, 2014 in an impressive debut. By 2pm the entire allowable quota of trading in the northbound direction (from HK into Shanghai) was consumed. Southbound trading (from the mainland into the HK market) was more muted, not surprisingly given the alternative channels for investing abroad... read more

The Definitive Guide to Reconciliation Data Aggregation

2nd December 2014

Company: Watson Wheatley
In-House or Outsource? This paper covers data aggregation challenges and solutions for asset reconciliation within asset management firms. By Duncan Wheatley, Managing Director of Watson Wheatley Financial Systems. •Considerations for managing complex data from multiple sources •7 key areas to the data aggregation process for asset... read more
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