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Inside MarkLogic Server - 17 Apr 2014

Its data model, indexing system,update model, and operational behaviors. This paper describes the MarkLogic Server internals: its data model, indexing system, update model, and operational behaviors. It's intended for a technical audience — either someone new to MarkLogic wanting to understand its capabilities, or someone already familiar with... read more

AutoRek Release Findings from Financial Controls Survey - 10 Apr 2014

The survey - spanning financial services professionals in the asset management, banking, foreign exchange, insurance and stockbroking sectors - reveals that despite the growing attention being paid to developing good governance policies, nearly half of financial services executives believe the next major financial crisis is likely to be caused by a... read more

Life insurance snapshot: 10 industry trends shaping the landscape - 10 Apr 2014

A complex web of antiquated technology systems bows each time a new product is brought to market or a regulatory change needs to be accommodated. read more

Understanding Java Garbage Collection - And What You Can Do About It - 09 Apr 2014

Written for IT professionals, architects and developers, this white paper reviews and classifies the various garbage collectors and collection techniques available in JVMs today. It provides an overview of common garbage collection techniques, algorithms and defines terms and metrics common to all collectors. The paper further discusses the... read more

Stewardship of the balance sheet: Why Interest Rate Risk and Funding Matter - 09 Apr 2014

Company: SunGard
Read this whitepaper by David Renz,to gain insight into how changes in interest rates and funding structures are impacting banks – and particularly treasurers, and how integrated treasury operations and analytics will help the treasury to make a decisive impact on the bank’s performance and business model. read more

The Rise and Rise of Reconciliation Systems - 09 Apr 2014

Company: Watson Wheatley
An opinion piece by Duncan Wheatley, Director of reconciliation specialists Watson Wheatley Financial Systems. This is a brief viewpoint on PMS (portfolio management system) reconciliation functionality and the additional value reconciliation data can bring to other operational areas. read more

After the Trade: The Case for Outsourcing Post-Trade Processes - 04 Apr 2014

Should You Still be Managing Your Post-Trade Activities? As industries focus on core competencies and strive for efficiencies, outsourcing is becoming a key component of the solution. The model is “focus on what you do best – your core competencies” and outsource what are not, say experts. The investment management market is no different.... read more

New operating models in Trade and Supply Chain Finance - 03 Apr 2014

Company: Misys
Banks are exploring new operating models to gain greater global insight and control and more efficient global processing in the management of trade and supply chain finance. Find out how you can transform approaches to trade finance, from client services through to operations to meet your margin improvement, client service and growth objectives. read more

Taking a Unified Approach to Managing Collateral in Commerical Lending - 02 Apr 2014

This whitepaper deals with how the commercial lending process can be improved by implementing a collateral management system. read more
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