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Meet the demands of big data analytics with the in-memory speed of Aerospike

24th November 2015

Company: Aerospike
Real-time analytics on IBM SoftLayer. Aerospike is an open source, real-time NoSQL database and key-value store that provides in-memory performance for big data and context-driven applications that must sense and respond "right now" at a fraction of previous costs. Aerospike operates on a global scale with enterprise-grade reliability. This article... read more

Financial Services Whitepaper: Innovation and Immediate Payments

23rd November 2015

Company: Axway
For today’s financial services providers, the ability to support seamless, immediate mobile payments (m-payments), electronic payments (e-payments) and virtual currencies is quickly becoming essential to remaining competitive and creating new revenue streams. In this white paper, you will learn: What does digitalization mean for existing IT... read more

How mobile is transforming retail banking - Redefining Banking

23rd November 2015

Company: SAP
"Redefining banking to survive and thrive in a digital world" explores how mobile technologies are transforming retail banking. While the rise of mobile computing will not eliminate web, physical and other paths to customers, people around the world are clearly embracing mobile—and banks need to do so as well. read more

Performance Management: The Mobile Banking Strategy Playbook by Forrester

23rd November 2015

Company: Dynatrace
Mobile Banking Metrics that Matter: To achieve key business goals-such as boosting mobile banking use and increasing sales - eBusiness executives at banks need to put the right metrics in place for mobile banking. This report identifies five categories of mobile banking metrics, recommends how to align them with business objectives, and offers a... read more

Retail Banks And Big Data: Big Data As The Key To Better Risk Management

23rd November 2015

Company: SAP
"The business of banking depends on evaluating risks and then acting on those insights. In theory, more information should yield better risk assessments, which is why big data and its associated tools couldn't have arrived at a better time. The ability to harness larger and more diverse data pools in support of business decision-makers holds the... read more

Impact of Capital Rules on Risk Rating Systems

18th November 2015

Company: ACTICO
This white paper summarizes information provided by Deloitte & Touche LLP and ACTICO during their joint webinar hosted by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). It provides an overview of current market trends, and looks ahead to new regulations and what they will demand of risk rating platforms. read more

Why Join the Movement Toward Outsourced Portfolio Management

17th November 2015

By outsourcing portfolio management services, institutional investors can focus on creating value for clients. An outsourced approach allows firms and managers to focus on core competencies while support functions are handled by experts in those areas. This accelerates the ability to respond to client needs and market trends. This white paper... read more

Declaring Independence With Your IBOR

17th November 2015

Regulatory, operational and competitive demands are tougher than ever. There’s no question that IBOR (investment book of record) provides the transparency needed to meet them, but it is only as effective as its information quality. Without independent data management, accounting and reconciliation, how can you be sure yours is the most... read more

KYC CUBE™ - Complete Sanction & PEP Solution

16th November 2015

Company: KYC Cube Ltd
With this information, KYC Cube Ltd is allowing you access to very sensitive and industry competitive data regarding our company and its products/services. This information is intended to be used to evaluate KYC Cube Ltd its products and solutions against other industry vendors. At no time shall any information contained in this document be made... read more
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