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Trading in China

30th March 2015

Company: Equinix
Foreign investors have been investing in China since the early 2000s to take advantage of China’s economic growth and increasingly available assets and derivatives. This report outlines the key aspects of the market that foreign investors investing in China should understand, including the overall market trends, important asset classes,... read more

The Rising Cost of Trade Reporting: Can Firms Afford to Stay Compliant?

30th March 2015

Meeting trade reporting requirements has been a big expense for many market participants. With further reporting regulations and enhancements on the horizon and regulators examining trade data, participants face a fundamental question: Can they afford to continue with their current solutions? In this paper, Randall Orbon, Arun Karur and Cian Ó... read more

Breaking down BCBS 239

27th March 2015

January’s Basel Committee on Banking Supervision report on banks’ progress towards BCBS 239 compliance threw up a telling contradiction. While global systemically important banks “are increasingly aware of the importance” of the BCBS 239 project, their sense of preparedness has decreased. How is it that the G-SIBs are moving backwards, asks... read more

CRS: Government tax data exchange efforts step up a gear

26th March 2015

Company: AxiomSL
There is now a growing consensus that countries should automatically share this information with one another in a process that has become known as automatic exchange of information (AEI). The best known example of an AEI regulation is FATCA, but others include EUSD 2, DAC 2 and UK CDOT. All of these regulations have created a lot of work for market... read more

The Rise of the Digital Customer

25th March 2015

Company: Temenos
In this White Paper, IDC Financial Insights discusses how new technologies and devices are fundamentally changing the expectations and behavior of the modern consumer and triggering the rise of new segments, such as the digital-only customer. Customers in these new segments do not want a face-to-face relationship with their bank, but expect a... read more

Priority for retail banks shifts to digital from regulation

23rd March 2015

Company: Temenos
The three Rs of retail banking; Regulate, Revise, Re-envisage For the second year in a row, The Economist Intelligence Unit, on behalf of Temenos, surveyed over 200 global banking executives to investigate the views of retail banks on the challenges and changes they face in the years to 2020 and how they are responding. read more

Report: Taking Control of RICs

13th March 2015

Company: Equinix
Nirvana for trading firms has been a common symbology to ease navigation between market centres and data vendors, providing a better experience for investors whilst reducing back-office complexities. The market has for some time been crying out for a solution which allows them to integrate data from a myriad of sources seamlessly with trading... read more

Watson Wheatley Financial Systems - Total Equity Reconciliation

13th March 2015

Company: Watson Wheatley
This paper focuses on a little known technique for accurately reconciling listed and OTC derivatives in fast moving trading environments, resolving book cost issues. The approach is applicable to all instrument classes that are processed on a FIFO (first in first out) basis and include agricultural, energy and metal commodities, CFDs, index or... read more

Find out 5 ways in which fraudsters steal identities...and how to stop them

12th March 2015

Company: Jumio Inc
"To beat your enemy, you have to know your enemy." - Sun Tzu, “The Art of War” Download your free copy of The Fraudster’s Playbook to find out five ways in which fraudsters are stealing identities, and how to stop them. read more
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