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bobsguide Treasury Management Systems Guide 2015/2016

28th August 2015

For organisations looking at sourcing and purchasing a new TMS, the Guide includes a comprehensive functionality matrix of TMS offerings available in today’s market. The Guide also includes a variety of editorial features which address areas such as risk minimisation and how to beat the increasingly sophisticated fraudster. Finally, we take... read more

Capital Market Influencers

24th August 2015

Five Factors which significantly influence Capital Market investments read more

PBOR White Paper

21st August 2015

With Eagle’s data-centric approach, firms can benefit from a consistent data lineage that delivers a consolidated view of their investments across all asset classes and all return metrics, while maintaining source integrity of their data. Coupled with a multitude of tools capable of enriching, aggregating and normalizing information, Eagle is... read more

Making the Supply Chain Smart for Agriculture Companies

19th August 2015

Eka is the only vendor providing a unified bulk handling and commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) software solution. Agricultural companies that need trading, risk management, and bulk handling software should consider implementing an integrated solution that covers the supply chain from end to end instead of using separate systems from... read more


17th August 2015

When managing time-sensitive enterprise data is critical to your business, Markit EDM can be optimized by implementing supporting workflows to collect, master, and validate data sets from multiple sources. This white paper will consider basic principles of workflow delivery and examine reasons why you might choose to use Markit EDM rather than... read more

Enhancing the value of core Banking Transformations

13th August 2015

Given the scale, cost, duration and risk involved in the transformation initiatives, banks must drive these initiatives with the focus on the end-goal of an agile and flexible IT infrastructure that enhances customer experience read more

Towards Customer Insight

13th August 2015

Banks must gain a real-time insight on their customer to understand the customer behaviour and meet their changing needs read more

Recent Trends & Insights: Order Management Systems

10th August 2015

What are the key OMS capabilities asset managers are demanding today? Learn about: - Common themes and trends within OMS solutions - The functionality advancement that make them robust - How OMS solutions have responded to regulatory reforms - The benefits of advanced trading tools when combined with strategic technology integration Download this... read more

How Oracle Stack can assist you to be Agile in the Market

10th August 2015

Company: JMR Infotech
Introduction: On September 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. With $639 billion in assets and $619 billion in debt, Lehman's bankruptcy filing was the largest in history, and it shook the base of the banking industry. After this collapse the banking world has changed forever. The banks have been under intense scrutiny from regulators... read more
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