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Can you afford not to run a CTRM system?

3rd July 2015

OVER THE LAST ten years, the profit margins of industrial commodity processors in metals, agriculturals and softs have come under increasing pressure. This has led to an increased focus on preserving profits and many companies are now examining the efficacy and robustness of their hedging strategy. Autor, Alex Hofmann is Business Development... read more

PRD - Managed Data Services

2nd July 2015

Managed data services give portfolio managers and investment firms greater capability toward implementing their investment strategy. It allows organizations of all sizes to leverage the technology infrastructure and access to security master data without the investment in databases. read more

A Game of #FintechRevolution Word Association

1st July 2015

Company: Xignite
Let's play a quick game of word association. Before you start, keep in mind that everything you thought you knew about traditional financial services is being challenged. read more

What’s Fueling the Fintech Fire?

1st July 2015

Company: Xignite
Two years ago few millennials knew what fintech (e.g. financial technology) was, but now they all see it as their ticket to fame and fortune-via-IPO. Move over social networks and micro-blogging; the next innovation frontier lies at the crossroad of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. read more

How APIs Are Reshaping The Future Financial Services

1st July 2015

Company: Xignite
Presentation delivered at MoneyConf Belfast 2015 read more

Using AutoRek to deliver Computer Aided Audit Techniques (CAATs)

30th June 2015

Our paper - Herding CAATs – Using AutoRek to deliver Computer Aided Audit Techniques (CAATs) – explains the ways in which the Internal Audit community can benefit from AutoRek’s CAATTs financial control offering. The paper explores: The traditionally manual audit practise Why auditors are turning to specialist CAATT products ... read more

The 10 key requirements that must be met by an IBOR

26th June 2015

Company: SimCorp
Get your copy of the white paper and learn: Why taking time to assess operational requirements, and define and work towards the right target operating model can achieve cost savings in the order of 20-35% Why leading firms are targeting investments at tools to support decision-making in the front office Why buy-side asset managers see portfolio... read more

Legacy Systems The elephant in the room

26th June 2015

Company: SimCorp
This white paper follows on from the 2013 SimCorp StrategyLab report, taking in new insights and research from the debate surrounding legacy systems. Many firms are increasingly confronted with the decision of whether to continue finding workarounds to their outdated legacy infrastructure, making the move to a state-of-the-art investment... read more

Seven Signs You've Outgrown Your Treasury Management System

24th June 2015

Growing Banks Grapple With Complex Treasury Challenges . By upgrading to a unified treasury management system, banks can better manage funding and risk, respond more quickly to market and regulatory challenges, and generate significant operational efficiencies. For many banks, it could be time to make a change. read more
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