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Branch transformation: biometrics in ATM and mobile banking

25th November 2014

Company: Temenos
VIEWPOINT: Vinod Raghavan, Security Architect, Temenos Verifying that someone is who they claim to be is a perennial challenge for banks. It spans the whole banking spectrum, from private banks seeking to avoid money laundering, to retail banks guarding against identity theft, to institutions servicing the unbanked who have no record of their... read more

Case Study- Dahan Lakshmi Bank

25th November 2014

Company: JMR Infotech
One of the leading banks in India runs FLEXCUBE Core Banking system and also offers Internet Banking services through Flexcube Direct Banking application. The bank was looking for an IT partner with good understanding of the Core Banking and internet banking applications who could help the bank roll out incremental services quickly with minimal... read more

Application Services - Banque Du Caire Egypt

25th November 2014

Company: JMR Infotech
BDC is one of the biggest banks in Egypt. The bank operates over 200 branches in Egypt and many branches outside the country. Established in the middle of 20th century, the Bank has been providing its customers with highest level of banking services for over sixty years. The bank has been extensively working since its inception in developing the... read more

White Paper: Margin Moves to the Center - Spotlight on Initial Margin

24th November 2014

Company: OpenGamma
Mandatory clearing and non-cleared swaps moving into a fully-margined environment are starting to weigh on bank P&Ls. With efforts to find operational efficiencies a major focus for all financial institutions, the ability to forecast, understand and optimize margin numbers has never been as important or organizationally far-reaching as it is today.... read more

SS&C Outsourcing Whitepaper Featured in Clear Path Analysis Report

24th November 2014

WHITEPAPER: Now is the time for asset managers to consider outsourcing to prepare operations for growth and globalization The investment management industry is poised for change, driven by growth as assets under management increase and markets become more global. This whitepaper considers the changing environment and the need for Asset Managers to... read more

How an Automated Cash Application Supports Working Capital Optimization

17th November 2014

Company: Hanse Orga
Efficient Working Capital Management is a key driver for mobilizing internal resources and to become more independent from external debts. Cash Application is a parameter that can be easily changed to drive significant efficiency gains in working capital management. This whitepaper will look at the most important steps for achieving optimal results... read more

The Return on Investment From Automated Reporting

12th November 2014

In a market where both the volume and detail of data and information requested by clients, consultants and regulators is steadily growing, the need for an efficient operational reporting process has never been greater. read more

Lessons from Banking Industry Disruptors

12th November 2014

Company: Temenos
Digitization is changing the industry's dynamics. It is opening up banking to new (non-traditional) competitors while handing more power to consumers. Improvements in mobile technology are rendering banking anytime, anywhere and accessible over any device. Big data is making it possible for firms to draw major insights into customers' lives from... read more

How regulation, client expectations & technology are transforming retail banking

11th November 2014

Company: Temenos
The future of Retail Banking - Special report The Economist Intelligence Unit, on behalf of Temenos, surveyed 242 global banking executives to investigate the views of retail banks on the challenges and changes they face in the years to 2020 and how they are responding. Respondents were C-suite or board level and senior executives, drawn from... read more
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