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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Fund Administrator

31st July 2015

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Fund Administrator read more

Four Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Outsourcing Provider

31st July 2015

Outsourcing middle and back-office functions can have a substantial impact on a financial services firm’s operational cost and ability to execute investment strategies. As a result, outsourcing adoption has been steadily growing since the market crash in 2008 with no signs of slowing down. As investment managers focus on transparency and... read more

Managed Colocation Whitepaper – 2015 Service Overview

31st July 2015

Company: Options
This Service Overview provides a detailed analysis of Options’ managed colocation platform, Velocity. The managed colocation and proximity services platform, gives customers access to all the key liquidity centres globally across all asset classes (equities, derivatives, fixed income and FX). The platform provides a managed environment for the... read more

Data Services: How to Keep the Lifeblood Flowing

23rd July 2015

Data may not be the answer to life, the universe and everything, but to financial services firms it is close. Accurate, timely and comprehensive data fuels investment managers’ ability to make reasoned and appropriate trading decisions, enhance performance and effectively manage risks. read more

CRM and the RIA: Unlocking the Full Value

23rd July 2015

Wealth managers and advisory firms that use a CRM system often consider it their core technology and a strategic advantage —especially when it is integrated with the portfolio management system. read more

Delivering the Complete Wealth Picture

23rd July 2015

The digital client experience is becoming critical to a successful wealth management engagement. This paper examines the changing landscape and the technology available today to help advisors get ahead of evolving client expectations. read more

Unlocking CRS & FATCA: Why Technology is Key to Compliance

22nd July 2015

AutoRek's whitepaper - Unlocking CRS & FATCA - explores how specialist data management technology can be applied to help perfect a financial institution's regulatory and compliance control regimes for both CRS and FATCA. read more

Defining Financial Regulartory Reporting Across Schemas - ModelDR

21st July 2015

Today’s banks are finding it more difficult to establish effective data governance and quality assurance because the frequency of change to financial market data models has made it difficult for financial institutions to achieve harmonious, standardized views of data at a given point in time (often referred to as congruence). Data point modeling... read more

Globalization: Overcoming the challenges of entering new markets

15th July 2015

Company: SimCorp
This paper investigates the various models for investment firms expanding into new markets and the many challenges that must be overcome. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to globalization - what may work for one firm, may not work for another. This paper takes a holistic approach to globalization and offers some insight to firms in the... read more
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