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Gain Your Executive MBA in 6 Months, 100% Success Guaranteed!

27th May 2015

This is probably the most innovative, exhilarating, and mind-provoking EMBA©™ programme you have ever come across to gain a highly prized and prestigious postgraduate professional qualification. Priced at about 50% to 80% less, compared to other less successful and up to 5 times more expensive MBA programmes, we will do for you what you thought... read more

HTML5 at Enterprise Scale

27th May 2015

Company: Scott Logic
Moving from desktop or plugin technologies to HTML5 can be a challenge for developers of large-scale enterprise applications. This white paper explores the potential pitfalls and predicaments faced by HTML5 adopters. It provides eight key considerations to help overcome these challenges and successfully deploy at enterprise scale. Learn: - When... read more

Customer Experience: Rethink, Rationalise and Reinvent

27th May 2015

Day after day, the number of devices and platforms that need to be able to deliver the core service offered by a business is growing. Gone are the days when services offered would be used irrespective of what experience it offers and brand relevance associated with it. Today service providers are using different approaches to improve customer... read more

CSA Implied Discounting of OTC Derivatives

26th May 2015

Company: Prism Valuation
In what may perhaps reasonably be referred to as the “classical” period of derivative pricing, in other words the era that came to a sudden end in September 2008 with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, there was broad consensus on the appropriate methodology for discounting future expected cash flows for derivative transactions, at least for... read more

The application of mathematical models to measure collateral concentration risk

26th May 2015

collateral concentration, collateral management, collateral risk, concentration risk, non-cash collateral, exposure management, OTC collateral management read more

Making Technology Disappear: Building Omni-channel Systems for Capital Markets

20th May 2015

Company: Scott Logic
This white paper gives technology strategists and leaders in capital markets the opportunity to explore the importance of user experience in omni-channel systems. It argues the competitive advantage to be gained by exceeding customers’ expectations in this way. Discover: - The key ways to tackle the ‘platform explosion’ - The first step... read more

BCBS239: the behemoth lumbers on

13th May 2015

Company: GFT
Over the coming years, banks and other firms will need to respond by having adaptable operating models and systems which are regulation agnostic. Could we be at a tipping point, where firms need new systems or operating models that will enable them to easily adapt their entire operation to any new rule or regulation? In this 'Point of View' GFT... read more

Basic Securities Reconciliation for the Buy Side

5th May 2015

Company: Watson Wheatley
A white paper by Duncan Wheatley, Director of reconciliation specialists Watson Wheatley Financial Systems. This paper focuses on the operational control requirements of a buy-side securities trading firm with particular reference to post trade reconciliation. read more

iQrepos - icubic’s Electronic Repo Trading Solution

5th May 2015

Company: icubic AG
The basic concept behind iQrepos is simple – to optimally utilise the full potential of electronic repo trading. This goal is achieved by combining all relevant information required for the creation and execution of a repo trade into one application. The trader is presented with an integrative front-end system containing all functions. read more
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