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What’s the best way for global banks to manage KYC?

25th February 2015

Company: Thomson Reuters
In this new and exclusive white paper, Lee Forsyth, KYC Client Consultant at Thomson Reuters, provides his expert insight on the revolution gripping the industry around KYC services, prescribing essential guidelines for Financial Institutions conducting KYC on their institutional clients. read more

Programme Management Structure (PrMS™) Methodology

23rd February 2015

Companies spend billions of dollars on failed, partly failed and abandoned projects and programmes, some which risk the very existence of the business and its future. However, adopting and adapting PrMS™ could save your company’s hard-earned cash and enhance your career, so red on how to do it Companies create and manage projects individually.... read more

AP Automation Delivers Tangible ROI

20th February 2015

Microsoft Dynamics customer reduces invoice processing costs by 40% and achieves greater efficiency and visibility. Today’s digital environment has greatly improved the way businesses interact with their suppliers, customers, and partners. And while accounts payable (AP) automation has been available to businesses for at least a decade, 70% of... read more

The Business Case for AP Automation

20th February 2015

Technology is constantly evolving, with change accelerating seemingly overnight. Today, people network on multiple electronic platforms, they stream video and more over the internet, and they make bank deposits and pay their bills with their phones. At the same time, more than 70% of companies process more than half of their invoices & bills the... read more


19th February 2015

Company: TIS
Done your e-homework? Electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM) is hitting the headlines. Whether electronically opening and closing bank accounts, or exchanging information about new or deleted power of signatory – eBAM is deemed to be the most efficient way to exchange information between banks and customers. To gain the most advantages from... read more

Solvency II - Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA)

17th February 2015

This is a new approach to the Internal Risk and Capital Assessment (IRCA) - known as “Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA)”. It requires every insurance firm to carry out a regular assessment of its solvency requirements’ compliance and submit the results of its own computations (assessment) to the supervising authority in the country... read more

Business Continuity Preparation & Management for The Year 20XY and Beyond

17th February 2015

The UK Companies Act 2006 gave statutory status to what has long been a common law duty of company directors worldwide: to exercise due care in relation to their companies. Specifically, directors must "exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence". These pages provide an introduction to these subjects and their associated standards. Your business... read more

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance

16th February 2015

In today's business world, there are frequent changes in the economy, competition is intense, and because of the Web, business and associated fraud transact faster than ever before. The consequences of not complying with regulations are significant - companies face financial risks, risks of crippling losses should they be overexposed to a... read more

bobsguide Risk Management Systems Guide 2015

16th February 2015

The focus on risk management for banks and corporates alike has been critical since the financial crisis highlighted certain shortcomings and increased the regulatory focus. For organisations looking at purchasing new risk solutions in order to address the increasing pressures in this area, our Guide features a comprehensive matrix allowing... read more
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