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Sibos 2016


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3rd October 2016

Company: bobsguide
Take a look at all our coverage of this year’s Sibos in Geneva. Blockchain and cybersecurity were the biggest topics at the event, but issues such as artificial intelligence, financial inclusion and payments were also discussed extensively. 2016 was seen as a gateway year to innovation and financial professionals are just waiting to see what... read more

Banks take fight to terrorists through data drive

30th September 2016

Company: LexisNexis
Today terrorism is an ever present threat. Recent terrorist attacks in New York, Brussels and Nice make this point very clear. As a result, public concern over terrorism is now at its highest in more than a decade, with the media continually reminding us of how close the danger is to home.  Whilst the risk of terrorism is nothing new, in... read more

Sibos Day 4: Get ready for M-Pesa 2.0

30th September 2016

Company: bobsguide
The promise of mobile money has changed many lives all over the world, but despite the wide recognition of the success of M-Pesa in Kenya, it is yet to be replicated and the rest of the industry remains fragmented. While fintech hubs exist all over the world, more needs to be done to make a real impact on the business model of traditional services... read more

Sibos Day 4: “In 5 years, banks will be completely invisible”

30th September 2016

Company: bobsguide
KPMG’s Fintech Lead Warren Mead started off the session on Learning from Fintech – Can we fail fast and learn fast at Sibos this year by showing a video that depicted how we all might bank in the future using a system called EVA. The video showed a virtual assistant giving financial advice to a man getting ready for work in a similar... read more

Big Data, Big Potential for Treasury

30th September 2016

Company: Reval
The data we all produce on a yearly basis is doubling in size every two years, according to EMC´s digital universe study. EMC reports that by 2020, our digital universe will reach 44 trillion gigabytes, nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the real universe. That large volume of data – structured and unstructured –... read more

Sibos Day 3: “We are creating a world robot without realising it”

29th September 2016

Company: bobsguide
Cybersecurity has been a big subject in discussions at Sibos this year and experts are warning the banking industry about the lack of defence that is integrated into the infrastructure when new systems are created and put to market. This year at the Innotribe area, we saw Bruce Schneier, CTO and Special Advisor at IBM Security talk about how he is... read more

The Trendsetter Bank

29th September 2016

Company: Allevo
In a period of transformation and a market full of challenges, the banking industry needs to take advantage of each opportunity. Staying relevant, by adapting behaviour and embracing change, is one of the biggest challenges. There are so many technology companies who have the advantage of starting from scratch and who provide new services people... read more

Sibos Day 3: AI is the self-driving car of financial services

29th September 2016

Company: bobsguide
Artificial intelligence has been around for a long time, but it is only starting to take shape as an innovative piece of technology in financial services as of this year. The emergence of AI has been described as the beginning of a new frontier for banks and switching to more automated services could mean big things for an industry that is... read more

Sibos Day 2: BRICS countries have no plans to build a Trump wall

28th September 2016

Company: bobsguide
“The world is becoming multi-polar, but it is also multi-connected. What’s next after the Brexit and the UK economy? Banks have an important role in interlinking in order to support different communities in different countries that may be in the developing world. I’m proud to say that SWIFT is supporting market infrastructure in... read more
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