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What are RSS feeds?
  • RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, which are also known as web feeds.
  • You can use the RSS feeds to get information from the guide directly to you desktop.
  • Why do I get a funny looking page when I click on the RSS button?
  • RSS feeds are meant to be used with an rss aggregator (reader).
  • There are a number of free and commercial aggregators available for download.
  • Microsoft Outlook also comes with an RSS reader.
  • I'm interesed now, how do I receive bobsguide information directly into my reader?
  • All you have to do is cut and paste one (or more) urls shown below into your RSS aggregator.
  • What if I have some questions about RSS feeds?
  • You can always email us at if you have any more questions.
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    Alternative Investment Solutions

    Annuity Quotation

    Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

    ASP / SaaS

    Asset and Liability Management Solutions

    ATM Technology


    Banking Treasury Systems

    Behavior Detection & Predictive Analytics

    Broker Management Solutions


    Business Activity Monitoring BAM

    Business Continuity Systems

    Business Intelligence

    Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

    Call Centers

    Capital Markets Solutions

    Card Processing / Payments

    Cash Flow Management Solutions

    Cash Management Systems

    Central Banking Systems

    Check (Cheque) Processing

    Claims Management Systems

    Client Management / Lead Providing

    Client Reporting

    Collateral Management Systems

    Commercial Banking Solutions

    Commodities - Energy specific

    Commodities Solutions

    Computers / Hardware

    Consultancy Services

    Corporate Actions Solutions

    Corporate Finance Systems

    Corporate Treasury Systems

    Credit Administration

    Credit Risk


    Custom Software Development

    Customer Accounts

    Data Distribution Systems

    Data Management Solutions

    Data Warehousing Systems

    Deal Capture

    Debt Management Systems

    Derivatives - Toolkits

    Derivatives - Trading Systems

    Derivatives Software

    Document Storage, Archival & Retrieval

    EDI Software and Services

    Electronic Commerce Solutions

    Electronic Trading Networks

    Employee Benefits Claims

    Employee Benefits Systems

    Equities Systems

    Exchanges / ECNs

    Factoring Systems / Trade Finance Systems

    FAS 133 & IAS 39 Accounting

    Fee Billing

    Financial IT Conference and Event Organizing

    Financial Message Switch

    FIX Engines

    Fixed Income Systems

    Front and Middle Office

    Funds Transfer

    Futures & Options Systems

    FX & MM

    Global Custody

    GRC / ERM

    Hedge Fund Systems

    Individual Health and Disability

    Industry Standards / Regulations

    Information Search & Knowledge Delivery

    Infrastructure / Architecture

    Insurance Consultants

    Integrated Compliance Risk Solutions

    Integration, Business Process & Workflow

    Islamic Banking Systems

    IT Consultancy

    Life Agent Compensation

    Life Insurance Systems

    Liquidity Management Systems

    Liquidity Risk Systems

    Low Latency Data Feed

    Management Consultants

    Management Support

    Margin Systems

    Market Analysts

    Market Data Consultancy

    Market Data Solutions

    Market Risk

    Marketing / Advertising Services

    Marketing / PR / Advertising agencies

    Microfinance / Microbanking

    Middle and Back Office

    Middleware / SOA Infrastructure

    Mobile / PDA software

    Modelling Software


    Mutual Funds / Unit trusts

    Mutual Funds Compliance

    Needs Analysis / Sales Illustrations

    Networking / Instant Messaging

    Nostro Reconciliation Systems

    OMS / EMS

    Online / Internet Banking Solutions

    Online Trading and Brokerage Portals

    Operational Risk

    Outsourcing / Offshore Development

    P & C Commercial Lines

    P & C Individual Lines

    Pension / Retirement

    Performance Measurement

    Portfolio / Fund Management Systems

    Portfolio Analytics

    Premium Financing

    Presentation & Management Reporting

    Pricing / Analytics

    Product Processing

    Professional Organizations

    Publications / Journals

    Reconciliation / Matching Systems


    Reference Data Systems

    Regulatory Reporting


    Repo and Securities Lending

    Retail Banking Solutions

    Risk Analytics

    Risk Databases

    Risk Management Consultancy

    Risk Management Solutions

    Security (hardware / software)

    Security Consultants

    SEPA Solutions

    Settlement and Documentation

    Sibos Exhibiting Vendors

    Sibos Products

    Software / Development Tools

    Software Components for the Dealing Room

    STP Solutions

    Structured Finance Solutions

    Syndicated / Project Loans

    System Testing

    Systems for Exchanges

    Third Party Administrator

    Trading Compliance


    Treasury Analytics Systems


    Under Development

    Voice Systems

    Wealth Management / Family Office

    Workers Compensation Systems

    Vendor feeds
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    Saxo Payments