Retail Banking Solutions

Software and solutions related to all aspects of retail banking i.e. customer accounts’ management, cards/payments processing, internet banking etc.

Company: Profile Software
Introduction Universal banking is an award-winning platform that delivers flexibility and immense functionality for the needs of established and modern banks. It is being utilised by ...
Speech Analytics (also known as Interaction Analytics) is growing in popularity in the Financial industry as a means to meet tightening compliance regulations.  It allows ...
Company: GFT
Mobile Payment  Mobile Banking Online Banking Platforms Payment Systems Personal Finance Management Real-Time Data Customer Intelligence
Company: GFT
Omni-Channel Integration CRM Software Implementation Real-Time Data Customer Intelligence
Company: GFT
Core Banking Systems Credits/Lending Platform Mainframe Optimization and  Downsizing Backoffice/BPM ServiceNow/Process Optimization
Company: GFT
Business Intelligence Stress Test Reporting Automated Exchange of information
OMNIEnterprise functional framework blends the Core Front-Office, Mid-Office, Back-Office and Treasury. It maximizes your competitive positioning and minimizes the TCO and project completion risks. ...
The solution,modular yet integrated,is based on a SOA approach to meet the needs of Banks and NBFCs. Built in functionalities like remote/offline capabilities as well as open interface capability.The ...