Path Solutions - Corporate Profile

5th January 2018

Company: Path Solutions
Path Solutions is engaged in the development/implementation of software solutions and services to address the growing needs of the Islamic finance sector. Our services include strategic consultancy, project management, system integration, data migration, version upgrades, training/support for its software solutions. Covering the needs of the... read more

Preventing Fraud & Financial Crime in Cash Management best practice guide

4th January 2018

The Preventing Fraud and Financial Crime industry best practice guide to discover: • Current challenges to preventing corporate treasury fraud • Industry best practice for tackling internal and external fraud risk • Early warning signs associated with cash management fraud • Next steps on how to prevent corporate treasury fraud read more

Effective Liquidity Management & Cashflow Forecasting best practice guide

4th January 2018

This best practice guide Effective Liquidity Management and Cashflow Forecasting to discover how to: • Calculate your cash position with efficient liquidity management • Improving your cash management by setting up automated sweeps and cash pools • Achieve efficient reconciliation for maximum visibility on your cashflow forecasting • And... read more

Robust Multi-bank Connectivity best practice guide

4th January 2018

By leveraging SWIFT service bureau or payment factory for multi-bank connectivity, your factory can benefit from: • Improved visibility of bank accounts, leading to better liquidity management • A secure and resilient interface to multiple bank relationships • A bank agnostic form of connectivity, delivering greater bank independence and... read more

Streamlining Global Payments best practice guide

4th January 2018

This guide explores these challenges and considers a best practice approach to ensure your cross-border payments are indeed efficient and cost-effective: • Leverage multiple payment types to drive maximum efficiency and the lowest cost routing • Streamline multi-country and multi-currency payment & collection arrangements by implementing a... read more

Secure Controls and Standardised Processes best practice guide

4th January 2018

Access this best practice guide to discover how to: • Gain visibility of payment and cash management activities for your treasury management • Improve security, and control by implementing a payment factory solution • Minimise risk associated with manual processing by leveraging automated systems • Get the most from treasury management... read more

Whitepaper: 5 Best Practices for Improving Payments & Cash Management

4th January 2018

As corporates seek new ways to effectively address complex global payment and cash management issues, payment factories offer a comprehensive and flexible solution. A corporate can maximise the benefits of a payment factory by employing best practices in five critical areas: • Secure controls and standardised processes • Streamlined global... read more

Independent Price Verification (IPV) Solution Fact Sheet

4th January 2018

Company: Xenomorph
Independent price verification (IPV) is an increasingly important process requirement to support finance and risk functions across a wide range of financial institutions. The core IPV process demands that internal prices are verified against independent third party sources. Significant discrepancies between the internal and independent prices above... read more

Enterprise Data Management: What a Modern EDM System Needs to Offer

3rd January 2018

Company: Xenomorph
This white paper establishes the key components of a "modern" EDM system. It outlines the principal drivers to EDM adoption within financial markets and the business outcomes firms are looking for, and then describes the features required to deliver these outcomes and how such a system satisfies the broader needs of the enterprise. read more

Practical Pointers for a Successful Implementation Guide

2nd January 2018

Implementation should be the easy part, however you may be concerned over project complexity, resource intensity and long timescales. Access the Practical Pointers for a Smooth Implementation Guide and we will take you step-by-step through the implementation process from planning through to execution. The structured two-stage approach provides... read more