The Regulatory Space

6th July 2018

Company: AutoRek
The FRC Assurance Standard covers the work that auditors need to undertake when reporting to the FCA on the compliance by financial services firms with the FCA’s CASS rules. The FCA expect better recordkeeping and record retention to prove controls are in place, operating effectively and that clients are indeed protected. But what does that mean... read more

The Evolution of 'Outer Core' Banking Functions

6th July 2018

The banking landscape is shifting fast and arguably at a pace that the traditional core banking system bedrock cannot keep up with. This white paper identifies business functions that are evolving in a new fluid ‘outer core’ that allow banks to stay ahead of the competition and avoid seismic fractures in its operations. read more

Driving innovation in payment fraud detection and prevention through analytics

4th July 2018

Company: TAS Group
This case study shows how Post Italiane was able to modernize its fraud detection and prevention capabilities to meet the needs of its unique payments portfolio. Post Italiane partnered with TAS Group to develop Plus2Fraud (PROF), a next-generation fraud detection and prevention platform that helps reduce false positives and improve fraud detection... read more

The role of Sharia compliant investments in global diversification: Rosie Kmeid

3rd July 2018

Company: Path Solutions
The growing popularity of Islamic finance has led to the development of new Sharia-compliant investment tools that are modelled to a certain extent after conventional finance structures but fully adhering to Islamic principles. Rosie Kmeid, Vice President - Global Corporate Communications & Marketing at Path Solutions elaborates more on the... read more

Do corporates really understand the potential value of SWIFT’s gpi tracker?

2nd July 2018

Company: AccessPay
Given the potential value SWIFT gpi will create for corporate treasurers and senior finance professionals, SWIFT’s global payments innovation (SWIFT gpi) is tipped to become the universal cross-border payment standard in the future – But do corporates really understand the advantages it will create? read more

SWIFT gpi vs. Ripple – GPI Fridays [EP 05]

2nd July 2018

Company: AccessPay
SWIFT gpi has taken the world of payments by storm. To date, over 50 million gpi cross-border payments have been processed, with hundreds of thousands of payments sent daily across 350 country corridors in more than 100 currencies. However, there are some naysayers who believe Ripple (real-time gross settlement system) offers superior technology... read more

Cloud-Based Credit Origination Solutions are Not all the Same

29th June 2018

With over 15 years of experience consulting and onboarding clients to new credit origination technology, our expert team has developed a set of questions for you to use when evaluating a cloud-based credit origination provider. Read this new whitepaper, Cloud-Based Credit Origination Solutions are Not all the Same for tips on how to choose the... read more

Market Data Usage: Taking Control with a Strategic Approach to Sourcing

28th June 2018

Company: AIM Software
With ever-changing commercial models and more stringent licensing agreements, market and reference data costs and usage compliance are big focus areas for most financial institutions. This whitepaper explores why getting vendor data usage under control can be so difficult and what can be done to optimize your data spend, while ensuring effective,... read more

Financial IT interviews Mohammed Kateeb, Group Chairman & CEO of Path Solutions

27th June 2018

Company: Path Solutions
During an exclusive interview with Financial IT, Mohammed Kateeb, the Group Chairman & CEO of Path Solutions revealed that the company spends over 30% of its revenues on R&D annually, focusing on cutting-edge technologies that empower the digital transformation such as mobility, open banking, AI, analytics, and of course Blockchain. By clicking... read more

FundCount: Providing Integrated Accounting Software to Fund Associates

26th June 2018

Company: FundCount
Read the case study to learn how FundCount provided Fund Associates, a fund administrator, with seamless integration of portfolio, partnership and general ledger accounting on one platform. FundCount's powerful software enables Fund Associates to structure new business investments and aid emerging manager clients launch their funds efficiently.... read more