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Portfolio Analysis using TimeScape EDM+ and Microsoft Power BI

23rd February 2017

Company: Xenomorph
This video demonstrates the analysis of a portfolio of multi-asset trades using TimeScape EDM+ with Microsoft Power BI. It covers the present value of the portfolio broken down by country, counterparty and asset type. For each asset type – in this case interest rate generic swaps – it is possible to drill down into each trade looking at the... read more

Preserving Profits - Attacking Fraud & Theft at the Point of Sale

23rd February 2017

Company: Crossmatch
In retail, one of the greatest points of vulnerability to theft is the Point of Sale (POS). This paper reveals current POS employee theft statistics and quantifies the exposure retailers face when relying on common methods of signing into the POS, such as PINs, passwords, swipe cards and keys. An increasing number of retailers are turning to... read more

New Report Release: Regulatory sandboxes are going live

23rd February 2017

Regulatory sandboxes are gaining popularity as a framework for promoting financial innovation by cordoning off a sort of “safe space” for testing new business ideas within an existing regulatory regime. Regulatory sandboxes are expediting the financial sector’s shift toward more consumer-responsive business models in the aim of better serving... read more

White Paper- Financial Markets Data and Analytics. Everywhere You Need Them.

23rd February 2017

Company: Xenomorph
This White Paper provides an introduction to the TimeScape MarketPlace, a cloud-based data solution for publishing and consuming financial markets data and analytics. TimeScape MarketPlace enables multi-user and multi-organization access to published data sets and analytics in the cloud, and adds integration with Microsoft Power BI. read more

MiFID II creates cross-asset revolution across buy & sell side

22nd February 2017

The cross-asset nature of MiFID II will demand significant investment from the asset management and banking communities - how will firms address the various challenges in order to stay both compliant and competitive? read more

Eagle Performance Measurement Overview

22nd February 2017

Meet the global leader in performance measurement solutions. read more

Eagle Enterprise Data Management Overview

22nd February 2017

Harness the power of your data. The proven, powerful and pioneering Eagle Enterprise Data Management platform empowers you to centralize and efficiently manage your firm’s complex investment assets. With Eagle’s single, consolidated, enterprise view of all assets, you can gain actionable insights, make data-driven decisions and can meet the... read more

Eagle Investment Accounting Overview

22nd February 2017

Manage complex investments across global markets on a single, scalable platform. Eagle’s exception-based platform helps reduce risk and enables a common control environment, tools and processes that increase efficiency. By managing exceptions in real time and efficiently locking down periods, Eagle enables the flow of accurate data, resulting in... read more

Eagle ACCESS Overview

22nd February 2017

However you measure success, Eagle ACCESS(SM) measures up. Cost management. Efficiency. Risk mitigation. Eagle ACCESS(SM) makes all of these goals achievable with a seamless, integrated investment management solution. A secure private cloud to meet the demands of world-class investment operations. Run your business, not your technology. read more
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