CSS About Us

19th January 2018

Company: MoneyMate Group
CSS is a global RegTech platform delivering a set of comprehensive and highly-complementary technology-enabled regulatory solutions that serve compliance professionals across the financial services industry. read more

SEC Reporting Modernization Ready with CSS

19th January 2018

Company: MoneyMate Group
SEC Investment Company Reporting Modernization arrives in June 2018, but the work has to start now. Our comprehensive solution informed by our extensive experience, allows you to become Reporting Modernization ready in good time, improving data flow and quality across your company and between your stakeholders while implementing best practice to... read more

PRIIPs Ready with CSS

19th January 2018

Company: MoneyMate Group
The Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance‐based Products (PRIIPs) regime arrives in January 2018, creating an entiely new framework for a broad range of retail investment products, the centrepiece of which is a Key Information Document (KID). Our comprehensive solution allows you to become PRIIPs ready in good time, organising the collection... read more

MiFID II Ready with CSS

19th January 2018

Company: MoneyMate Group
Firms across the breadth of the investment management and distribution landscape face a new and onerous set of challenges in January 2018 when MiFID II comes into force. Our suite of products prepare you to become MiFID II ready while ensuring that you can continue to sell your funds and service your clients without interruption, whatever your... read more

MiFID II and Mobile Call Recording Checklist

19th January 2018

According to MiFID II: "Investment firms must take all reasonable steps to record relevant telephone conversations and electronic communications that are made with, sent from or received by equipment provided by the investment firm to an employee or contractor". Check out our Mobile Call Recording checklist to help you achieve compliance. read more

Shareholder Rights Directive: Advancing to a state of readiness

17th January 2018

The updated Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD) aims to encourage shareholder engagement in listed companies in Europe and improve the transparency of related processes, including proxy voting. In Shareholder Rights Directive: Advancing to a State of Readiness, we examine the challenges and opportunities related to the introduction of the new SRD... read more

Solution Literature: AutoRek for Insurers

17th January 2018

Company: AutoRek
AutoRek provides a robust, automated control regime to fully support financial and operational management. To find out more and to download your complimentary copy of this paper please complete the short form below. read more

Treasury in the face of a merger: dormakaba and the best of two treasury worlds

17th January 2018

Company: BELLIN
In 2015, Dorma Group of Germany and Kaba Group of Switzerland merged to form a global security and access solutions company. The multidimensional nature of the merged company is reflected in dormakaba’s treasury. Following the merger, the aim was to successfully combine the best of both worlds, and to evaluate state-of-the-art solutions. Top of... read more

Treasury Anywhere

16th January 2018

Company: ION Treasury
With Treasury Anywhere, ION’s device agnostic treasury application, teams can access information from their ION treasury management system at any time, using any device they have on hand – mobile, tablet, laptop, PC – to act fast. Treasury Anywhere extends key financial controls beyond the desktop, empowering treasury teams with up-to-date... read more