SWIFT Global Payments Innovation (GPI)

18th October 2017

SWIFT GPI enables you to fast-track and trace the cross-border payments. with the unique tracking code, you can trace the payment, STOP or recall the payment transaction in case of any error and trace the extra bank fee charged by the banks. Contact Axletree Solutions for more details. read more

Global treasury benchmarking survey

18th October 2017

Company: ION Treasury
In the fourth quarter of 2016, ION Treasury in association with Treasury Strategies, Standard Chartered Bank, and Zanders, set out to take the pulse of the treasury market, globally. The result is the second edition of the “Global Treasury Benchmarking Survey,” which captures the voice of nearly 1,000 finance professionals. This report... read more

Does the NY State Cybersecurity Mandate Prevent a Future Equifax-Type Breach?

18th October 2017

Company: Crossmatch
As New York’s March 1, 2018 deadline bears down on financial firms, requiring key elements of the cybersecurity plan, the Equifax case serves as an ominous and uncannily-timed flashpoint. This worst- case scenario may lead to Equifax’s demise—not to mention damage to consumer credit on a massive scale, inconvenience and wasted time related to... read more

FRTB Market Risk Capital Framework - Putting the Spotlight on Data Quality

18th October 2017

Company: Xenomorph
This paper describes the ‘fundamental’ nature of changes associated with the revised market risk capital framework prompted by the FRTB, and the broad data management challenges that firms will face as a result of the new framework. read more

Dynamic Data Drives Accurate Payments

17th October 2017

Company: Accuity
Accurate reference data enables your payments to go through the first time, every time and into every market. Global payments requirements are constantly evolving, making it harder to find and maintain the reference data necessary to accurately send payments. With pressures to send payments at lower cost, into more markets and with greater... read more

Building a Better SAP® Payment Process

17th October 2017

Company: Accuity
Today, corporate treasury professionals face a greater set of challenges than ever before. Reduced liquidity and enhanced volatility means firms must manage cash and financial risk more efficiently, while higher costs, fewer resources and more complex transactions require greater transparency and control to drive better financial results. read more

Ditto Bank achieves high automation via, the Digital Banking Solution

17th October 2017

Company: Profile Software
Sylvain Pignet, Group Company Secretary at Banque Travelex Ltd., Founder and CEO at Ditto Bank, a pioneering digital French bank, talks about the high control and automation the bank experiences in its operations through, Profile’s Core Banking platform. He also talks about the Profile team and the diversified approach provided to his... read more

Kyriba Payments Fraud Detection

16th October 2017

Company: Kyriba
Payments fraud is now at an all-time high with 74 percent of organizations reporting they have been the target of attempted or actual fraud, according to the latest data from the Association of Financial Professionals. CFOs and treasurers clearly require a more complete set of payments controls to stop fraud altogether. Download your copy of the... read more

Video: Xymbology - Resolving symbols, enabling choice

13th October 2017

For firms providing brokerage services, symbology data feeds enable the seamless on-boarding of new clients, who may use differing technologies for market data, order execution and portfolio management. Firms that use the Xymbology feed can gain a competitive advantage in winning new business, more often than not by a switch sale, with minimum... read more