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Data Quality Analysis using TimeScape EDM+ and Microsoft Power BI

27th October 2016

Company: Xenomorph
This video provides examples of data quality analysis using TimeScape EDM+ with Microsoft Power BI. It demonstrates analysis of three asset types - Equity, FX Rate and Treasury – looking at gaps, spikes, flats and statistical outliers. read more

Replacing a Tier 1 Retail Broker's Platform

27th October 2016

Legacy systems with limiting support capabilities, combined with an increasing number of execution venues and data volumes, resulted in a major struggle for our client to continue distributing accurate quotes to its vast online client base. read more

Top Tier Hedge Fund uses Vela

27th October 2016

Limited technical and support expertise to operate and manage a large market data platform led to our top tier hedge fund client outsourcing these functions to Vela. The Vela Managed Services team operates the entire environment on behalf of our client. read more

Asset Managers, forget Big Data – implement your DataCentric Operating Model!

27th October 2016

Company: NeoXam
All firms committed to becoming full digital businesses understand: data is the new black gold, the soil on which future services and value for their clients will grow. However, "Big Data" has taken the limelight: large amounts of heterogeneous data that can be analyzed quickly. A "Smart Data” approach is actually far more interesting for Asset... read more

Enterprise Data Management: What a Modern EDM System Needs to Offer

27th October 2016

Company: Xenomorph
This white paper establishes the key components of a "modern" EDM system. It outlines the principal drivers to EDM adoption within financial markets and the business outcomes firms are looking for, and then describes the features required to deliver these outcomes and how such a system satisfies the broader needs of the enterprise. read more

BearingPoint Institute: Can the financial services industry master blockchain

27th October 2016

Company: BearingPoint
Cryptofinance technologies have the potential to revolutionise the financial sector by transforming business models, connecting new counterparties and generating sweeping efficiencies, but work needs to be done before the full benefits of the underlying blockchain technology are realised. read more

Whitepaper: Good CASS Governance

26th October 2016

Company: AutoRek
Co-authored with Rosediem Consulting, this paper combines Rosediem's CASS advisory expertise and AutoRek's automated CASS controls experience to explore: -Why good CASS governance and oversight matters -The importance of centralised processes and controls -Risk management using 'tangible' governance tools -A 'Governance Wheel' of CASS governance's... read more

Spreadsheets & Operational Risk: Mitigating Operational Risk With TimeScape EDM+

25th October 2016

Company: Xenomorph
Regulation is now forcing change in spreadsheet and other End User Computing (EUC) application usage and policy. This paper illustrates how the analytics and data management capabilities of TimeScape EDM+ mitigate the operational risks of spreadsheet usage and extend the footprint of Enterprise Data Management into the Front Office. read more

Forecast LCR using the KnowCo ALM system

25th October 2016

Company: KnowCo Limited
The KnowCo ALM and Stress-testing system enables users to carry out Liquidity Risk, Credit Risk Capital and Interest Rate Risk stress tests in line with the latest regulatory requirements. The LCR is one of the key liquidity metrics that it produces, but in addition it enables user banks to forecast their LCR throughout each of the next 90 days in... read more
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