A Day in the Life: Assured Identity in Finance and Banking

20th July 2017

Company: Crossmatch
Throughout the day, users need to prove their identity to access the systems and applications required to do their job. Until now, IT had to make an unacceptable choice: either enforce cumbersome authentication requirements that frustrate end users or relax authentication security for convenience and usability. Today, you no longer need to make... read more

Guidebook to Navigating the Uncleared Margin Rules

20th July 2017

Company: CloudMargin
This short guidebook consists of top tips to becoming compliant with the Uncleared Margin Regulations. Learn a common-sense approach to planning and coordinating your program, with top tips in eleven categories supported with statistics from an industry wide Peer Benchmark Survey through which market participants across three continents answered... read more

Boosting Performance of Financial IOT Projects

19th July 2017

Company: GridGain Systems
The financial services industry is already embracing the Internet of Things (IOT), using devices to collect data that needs to be analyzed in real time and stored for historical analysis. The platform for all this data collection, storage, and analysis must have several winning characteristics, including high availability, streaming data collection... read more

RFA Services for Hedge Funds

19th July 2017

Company: RFA
RFA has been providing technology advice and solutions to the world's leading hedge funds for almost 30 years. Solutions include fully managed IT, support desk services, project management, consultancy, cybersecurity, risk management, compliance, document management, mobile solutions, cloud services, DR and business continuity planning and... read more

RFA Risk Management Guide for the Alternative Investment Sector

19th July 2017

Company: RFA
RFA understands the pressures that face the alternative investment sector today, including security, regulation, contracts and negotiations, property and budgeting, and, most importantly, the management of risk. read more

RFA Brochure for the Alternative Investment Sector

19th July 2017

Company: RFA
RFA has been managing technology for financial services clients for almost 30 years. RFA's European Headquarters are located in Mayfair, London, which means it is well placed to provide local services to businesses in the UK financial services sector. RFA is foused on excellent service and is committed to providing industry leading technology... read more

Briefing Note: MiFID II, MiFIR Data Management

19th July 2017

Company: Xenomorph
The data management challenges posed by MiFID II are both broad and complex. New obligations covering transaction reporting (to regulators for market surveillance) and transparency (publishing pre- and post-trade data to the market) could prove particularly burdensome. At the same time, the evolution of best execution requirements, along with the... read more

AutoRek Survey: MiFID II Transaction Reporting Readiness

19th July 2017

Company: AutoRek
MiFID II Readiness Survey The aim of this survey is to understand: -Levels of confidence to meet the go-live date; -Which ARM, if any, firms have chosen; -Reliance placed on ARM rules engines; and -Transaction Reporting ownership. read more

Axia Family Office

18th July 2017

Company: Profile Software
The Axia Family Office solution allows Single or Multi - family office officers to professionally organise their office operations, manage their holdings and corporate governance, as well as monitor the invested financial assets, either in-house or externally managed. Its advanced functionality empowers them to experience automation, seamless... read more