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The changing face of corporate to bank Host-to-Host service

27th September 2016

Host-to-Host (H2H) connectivity between a bank’s corporate customer and the bank is no longer restricted to just the largest businesses; firms today want to reap the benefits of automated connectivity to their bank for payments - regardless of size. So what can banks do in this digital payments age to better serve their clients? read more

Xenomorph TimeScape Data Management Solution Now on Microsoft Azure

26th September 2016

Company: Xenomorph
View how the use of Xenomorph TimeScape results in a win for the Risk Analyst, the Business and the Regulator. TimeScape, the market-leading data and analytics management solution from Xenomorph is now available as a cloud-based offering on Microsoft Azure, in addition to the traditional site-based service, ensuring that financial markets data and... read more

How to build an accurate cash forecast

26th September 2016

Company: Reval
It is often a struggle for many treasurers to put together cash positions and funding options due to operational inefficiencies. To help treasurers get started on the path to success, learn how to build an accurate cash forecast and what tools are available to help in this endeavor. read more

Should we fear Pensions ISAs?

26th September 2016

Company: GBST
Talk of Pensions ISAs has returned recently. Robert de Dominicis asks would moving away from the current pension system of tax relief on contributions, a lifetime limit on gains and taxing withdrawals to a system where contributions are taxed but gains and withdrawals are tax free really be such a bad thing? Or could it lead to a fairer, simpler,... read more

2016 Connected Enterprise Report Financial Services Infographic

26th September 2016

Company: Dimension Data
This infographic is a snap shot of the results of the 2016 Connected Enterprise Report specific to the Financial Services industry. read more

SAFE Advanced Solutions® Visual Intelligence Platform

23rd September 2016

SAFE Advanced Solutions® Visual Intelligence Platform arms institutions with actionable intelligence to identify, assess and manage relationship risk across the enterprise. read more

Identify, Assess and Manage Risk Across the Enterprise

23rd September 2016

How to Achieve Enterprise Risk Management for Anti-money Laundering Compliance. read more


23rd September 2016

Delivering a Comprehensive, Hosted AML Solution to a Securities Brokerage Client. read more

SBS in ACAMS Today: Achieving Enterprise Risk When AML and Privacy Laws Conflict

23rd September 2016

Enterprise risk is a familiar but challenging topic within the anti-money laundering (AML) and compliance community. In order to deliver value to customers and shareholders, an institution must understand and manage the risks it faces across the entire organization. read more
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