New Regulation Will Drive Down Investment Fees

26th April 2017

Company: Morningstar
MiFID II’s unbundling of payments for investment research will prohibit asset managers from receiving research as a ‘free’ added-value service on the back of commissions paid for broker and investment banking services such as trading and execution. Instead, asset managers will be required to explicitly cover investment research costs from a... read more

SBS in ACAMS Today: How Fintech is Changing the Compliance Landscape

26th April 2017

Fintech is the integration of financial services and technology that has emerged in the 21st century as a new sector in financial services. It includes a broad spectrum of innovative companies that are generally startups founded with the purpose of disrupting traditional financial products and services. In the last several years, mobile payments,... read more

SAFE Advanced Solutions® Visual Intelligence Platform

26th April 2017

SAFE Advanced Solutions® Visual Intelligence Platform arms institutions with actionable intelligence to identify, assess and manage relationship risk across the enterprise. read more


26th April 2017

Safe Banking Systems - Bringing Automated and Consistent Customer Due Diligence to Sterling National Bank. read more

The Entity Resolution Mission

26th April 2017

Boost operational efficiency for entity resolution. SAFE Alert Manager combines severity and probability to identify alerts with the highest risk and greatest likelihood of being true. Download the infographic to learn more. read more

AutoRek Solution Literature - How to Meet CASS Requirements

26th April 2017

Company: AutoRek
Separated in two separate chapters for both CASS 6 (Custody Asset Reconciliations) and CASS 7 (Client Money Reconciliations), this paper explains the ways in which AutoRek will: -Perform Internal and External Custody Reconciliations (CASS 6) -Provide a recorded and date stamped Audit Trail -Automate the CMAR and CASS Resolution Pack read more

IFRS 9 Data Management Challenges

25th April 2017

Company: Xenomorph
The mandatory adoption of IFRS 9 at the beginning of 2018 will cause a number of data management challenges for firms impacted and required to comply with the new accounting standards. This paper outlines some of these challenges, including the need to adopt a consistent approach to measuring expected credit losses, as well as accurately... read more

Spreadsheets & Operational Risk: Instrument Valuation Issues, Data & Regulation

25th April 2017

Company: Xenomorph
Regulations such as BCBS 239 are forcing changes in the usage and governance of spreadsheets and other end-user computing (EUC) applications in financial markets. This paper outlines the main risks in spreadsheet usage in derivative and fixed income valuation, and explains some of the regulators motivations in addressing this source of operational... read more

GDPR: Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

24th April 2017

Company: Druva
In this episode we are joined by Nathan Collins, EMEA Business Development Director and security expert at Druva and Clare Edwards, Associate at Hill Dickinson LLP to discuss GDPR and the impact it will have on the industry. If you're looking for a quick overview of GDPR and the next steps you and your business need to take to address this... read more