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Sanctions for Payments

29th July 2016

Bringing Transaction-Based List Management to the Next Level. read more

SBS in ACAMS Today: The Evolution of Sanctions and PEPs

29th July 2016

Sanctions have been used throughout history to bring about change. They can influence a country’s or an individual’s activities or policies—particularly if breaches of international law or human rights have occurred, or if a democracy is under threat. Recently, sanctions have been used to target the activities of terrorists and countries... read more

SAFE Advanced Solutions® Visual Intelligence Platform

29th July 2016

SAFE Advanced Solutions® Visual Intelligence Platform arms institutions with actionable intelligence to identify, assess and manage relationship risk across the enterprise. read more

Identify, Assess and Manage Risk Across the Enterprise

29th July 2016

How to Achieve Enterprise Risk Management for Anti-money Laundering Compliance. read more

Whitepaper: Complying with CASS 5

29th July 2016

Company: AutoRek
This whitepaper advises 20 steps any insurance intermediary should take to implement CP12/20 and highlights the key proposals contained in it. We have split these in to 5 areas: Segregation, Reconciliation and Risk Transfer Diversification and placement of client money Record Keeping Distribution and transfer of client money ... read more

HOUSING BUBBLE 2.0: ready for another housing market crash?

28th July 2016

Are mortgage markets truly more stable now than they were before 2008? In this article, Hans Godfrey and Adi Ghosh discuss how the government and regulators, as well as the primary and secondary markets, are preparing to mitigate the factors that caused the 2008 crisis. Plus, they highlight the counter-effect and additional risks that these new... read more

CoCo Risk: Practical Approaches to Measuring Risk

28th July 2016

Company: Axioma, Inc.
CoCo (contingent conversion) bonds have seen an upsurge in the headlines lately. In a nutshell, these instruments allow banks to boost regulatory capital during periods of financial stress, but not at the expense of taxpayers; hence, these instruments mitigate the too-big-to-fail doctrine. Investors of CoCos take the brunt of losses if a bank’s... read more

Data Quality Analysis using TimeScape EDM+ and Microsoft Power BI

28th July 2016

Company: Xenomorph
This video provides examples of data quality analysis using TimeScape EDM+ with Microsoft Power BI. It demonstrates analysis of three asset types - Equity, FX Rate and Treasury – looking at gaps, spikes, flats and statistical outliers. read more

The Industrialization of Stress Tests in Banks - BearingPoint´s Module

28th July 2016

Company: BearingPoint
Stress tests have become an essential component of the EBA monitoring. In addition, the importance of stress tests and simulations will significantly escalate for the internal risk management of all banks, not only for participants of the EBA stress tests (e.g. driven by MaRisk and SREP). read more
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