Video: Calendar - Resolving dates, enabling trading

23rd October 2017

Trading dates for your middle and back office Calendar data is mission critical to your business operation to manage the ever present risk of missed trades, reduced profits and unhappy clients. Efficient trade management can only be achieved by combining accurate and timely data with your technology of choice, available in application ready or... read more

Data Sensitivty and the CAT

20th October 2017

Regulatory reporting is an intrinsic part of a financial firm’s daily activities. As reporting requirements evolve, so do the specifications firms must adhere to in order to meet these reporting obligations. With regulators interested in analysing a wider scope of the data attributes, firms have to integrate more and more systems and data... read more

Implementing a Risk-Based Oversight Model

20th October 2017

Company: Accenture
Changes in service providers, new regulations, emerging technologies and globalization are forcing asset management firms to adapt their business models and upgrade their technology platforms. This is part of Accenture Asset Management's Back-Office Conversion Toolkit. read more

Defining Standards with Service-Level Agreements

20th October 2017

Company: Accenture
Functionalized operations and business process outsourcing are becoming increasingly popular options among asset managers. The potential benefits of both are significant, but the risks to operations and efficiency are equally great if proper governance is not established up front. This is part of Accenture Asset Management's Back-Office Conversion... read more

IFRS 9, Stress Testing, ICAAP - A comprehensive framework for PD calculation

20th October 2017

Company: Prometeia
In order to fulfil all the different requirements coming from competent authorities for different regulatory processes, financial institutions are asked to calculate probabilities of default (PD) in several ways. Forward looking lifetime PDs are needed for IFRS 9 compliance while a stressed point in time PD is required to calculate impairment... read more

The Age of Agile: Creating Interconnected Ecosystems

19th October 2017

Financial markets never sleep — and the technological innovation that supports those markets is also alive and moving at an exponential rate. How quickly can your organization adapt its systems to confidently respond to a revenue-generating idea or a shift in business growth strategy? Read this white paper to learn more read more

The Entity Resolution Mission

19th October 2017

Boost operational efficiency for entity resolution. SAFE Alert Manager combines severity and probability to identify alerts with the highest risk and greatest likelihood of being true. Download the infographic to learn more. read more

SBS: bringing automated and consistent CDD to Sterling National Bank.

19th October 2017

Download the case study to learn more. read more

Curing the digital disease: How to outwit cybercrime

19th October 2017

Company: BELLIN
Watch BELLIN TV’s newest episode of “On the Move with Mr. B.” and find out how to protect yourself from payment fraud while taking a breathtaking visual tour through the Black Forest! read more