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Comprehensive Calypso system performance monitoring tool

28th July 2015

Company: Formicary Ltd
CalMon provide Calypso Technology clients with a software that brings cost and efficiency savings by keeping system downtime to a minimum. The web-based console gives IT Teams the power to centrally monitor Calypso and proactively respond to issues with real-time assessment. Unlike other monitoring systems, CalMon provide analytics that addresses... read more

Replacing a Tier 1 Retail Broker’s Platform

27th July 2015

Company: SR Labs
Legacy systems with limiting support capabilities, combined with an increasing number of execution venues and data volumes, resulted in a major struggle for our client to continue distributing accurate quotes to its vast online client base. read more

Safe Banking Systems: We Do Things Differently

27th July 2015

SBS is the gold standard for actionable AML intelligence. The way we think about, understand and attack the problem of entity resolution is as different as the methodology we employ. SBS addresses these issues with technology grounded in principles-based methodologies to provide actionable intelligence that finds the bad guys other systems miss. read more

Safe Banking Systems Products and Services

27th July 2015

SBS is the gold standard for actionable intelligence. Our solutions for AML and financial crime expose hidden risk to find the bad guys that other systems miss. read more

GMC Inspire; Interactive Correspondence

27th July 2015

Interactive Correspondence is a specially developed, robust and scalable single platform that empowers front line staff, agents and brokers to deliver highly personalised and differentiated service. Its user-friendly functions and features means that all users can produce case correspondence quicker, while at the same time providing excellent... read more

How successful is it to outsource your core banking system

27th July 2015

Company: JMR Infotech
Top tier banks in the west and Asia; have been quite skeptical about the suitability of external universal core banking platforms for their crucial domestic banking operations. But the question really is; could banks gain from outsourcing their core banking system or contracting outsiders to help with specific upgrades? read more

GMC Software announces the release of GMC Inspire R10

24th July 2015

GMC Inspire is an enterprise customer communication platform enabling your business to consistently deliver relevant personalized communications, at the right time through you customers preferred channel. This intelligent use of communications has enabled GMC clients to achieve excellent customer satisfaction, build loyalty that lasts, while... read more

GMC Inspire for Digital CCM. Powering Innovation and Transformation

24th July 2015

GMC InspireTM is the only single-design Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution that lets you create, manage and deliver quality customer communications that span the entire customer journey. Its multichannel preview, proof, and signoff capabilities are an industry first, allowing you to optimize every customer interaction wherever it... read more

Multi-channel, right? Or is it omni-channel? What’s the difference?

24th July 2015

Start a conversation with the only Customer Communication Management (CCM) system that facilitates an exchange of information. GMC Inspire Dynamic Communications lets you create customer-driven, interactive communications that will engage your customers through their entire journey. Save up to 80% of design, approval, and implementation time with a... read more
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