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SBS in ACAMS Today: De-Risking: Does One Bad Apple Spoil the Bunch?

6th July 2015

The increasing sophistication of money laundering and electronic banking fraud has led regulatory authorities worldwide to heighten their focus on Bank Secrecy Act/anti-money laundering (BSA/AML) risk. High on the regulators’ examination priority is evidence that an institution’s AML and compliance program is driven from the top down and... read more


6th July 2015

Automating Umpqua Bank’s KYC/EDD to Proactively Identify Risk. read more

Managing Reference Data

6th July 2015

Data management has evolved and changed dramatically over the past decade, becoming more complex and strategic. This growing intricacy is reflected in the day-to-day operational, technological and workflow components of how to organize vast quantities of information relating to securities that a firm holds or may be analyzing. To learn more,... read more

Legal & General Case Study planning and resource sharing across multi-sites

6th July 2015

Company: eg solutions plc
Read how Legal & General improved productivity with the ability to take on extra business as well as measure performance to a much higher level than previously. Up to 10 people a day can be shared from one team to another to reduce overtime hours. Total visibility over resource capacity and how staff are performing is now available and of benefit... read more

Globalization: Overcoming the challenges of entering new markets

6th July 2015

Company: SimCorp
This paper investigates the various models for investment firms expanding into new markets and the many challenges that must be overcome. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to globalization - what may work for one firm, may not work for another. This paper takes a holistic approach to globalization and offers some insight to firms in the... read more

Better with Bitemporal

6th July 2015

In our age of billion-dollar regulatory fines and time-consuming, costly litigation, a database must hold up as the main system of record. Unfortunately, traditional databases do not keep a complete history of the past. Only with a bitemporal database can you truly maintain a complete and accurate picture of the past, understanding exactly “what... read more

Can you afford not to run a CTRM system?

3rd July 2015

OVER THE LAST ten years, the profit margins of industrial commodity processors in metals, agriculturals and softs have come under increasing pressure. This has led to an increased focus on preserving profits and many companies are now examining the efficacy and robustness of their hedging strategy. Autor, Alex Hofmann is Business Development... read more

Managed Data Services

2nd July 2015

Managed data services give portfolio managers and investment firms greater capability toward implementing their investment strategy. It allows organizations of all sizes to leverage the technology infrastructure and access to security master data without the investment in databases. read more

CTC Transaction Reporting

2nd July 2015

Whether it be complying with EMIR Reporting, MiFID / MiFIR Reporting, G20 Reporting or REMIT, CTC Transaction Reporting is a powerful and flexible solution that verifies and validates what an organisation sends to the Trade Repository (TR). Just simply reporting your transactions to the TR is no longer good enough – there is an increasing need to... read more
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