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SBS in ACAMS Today: The Evolution of Sanctions and PEPs

5th February 2016

Sanctions have been used throughout history to bring about change. They can influence a country’s or an individual’s activities or policies—particularly if breaches of international law or human rights have occurred, or if a democracy is under threat. Recently, sanctions have been used to target the activities of terrorists and countries... read more

SAFE Exposure Index®

5th February 2016

Providing PNC a Sustainable Process for Identifying and Managing Customer Risk read more

We Do Things Differently

5th February 2016

SBS is the gold standard for actionable AML intelligence. The way we think about, understand and attack the problem of entity resolution is as different as the methodology we employ. SBS addresses these issues with technology grounded in principles-based methodologies to find the risk other systems miss. read more

Intraday Liquidity and T2S Research Report

5th February 2016

Company: TAS Group
"Intraday Liquidity Management & T2S: effects and expected benefits of the new platform for securities settlement on liquidity management." The 5th annual edition research, by CeTIF in collaboration with TAS Group, is enriched by participation of 14 Italian financial institutions. 2015 goals investigated impacts of T2S on the expected benefits,... read more

DERIVATIVES GOVERNANCE: enabling product innovation for asset managers

5th February 2016

Derivatives are becoming a valuable tool for asset managers to boost product innovation and deliver outperformance in a risk-controlled manner. But current, reactive governance structures are creating a long lead time for assessing and approving a new derivative instrument. Geoff Cole and Jackie Colella explain how strengthening governance,... read more

Safe Swiss Cloud Security White Paper

5th February 2016

Get to know more about Safe Swiss Cloud's services. This paper analyses the cerifications and guidelines that make Safe Swiss Cloud secure and compliant. read more

Equiniti International Payments - Our services

5th February 2016

Equiniti International Payments is the assured alternative to banks for large businesses. As part of Equiniti, a specialist payments provider making £94 billion in complex payments every year, our clients are certain that payments will be accurate, on time and secure. We offer a comprehensive range of payment solutions to over 180 countries and... read more

Safe Swiss Cloud - At a Glance

5th February 2016

A short introduction of the cloud services of Safe Swiss Cloud, focussing on safe, reliable and compliant IT infrastructure out of the cloud. read more

A Platform for Effective Risk: Increasing Market Risk Managers’ Effectiveness

5th February 2016

Company: Xenomorph
This white paper outlines a systems architecture for market risk managers that provides for speed, scale and operational integrity, without prejudice to its capacity for flexibility and change. read more
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