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Emerging Collateral Management Needs & Options on Solving Requirements

18th September 2014

Recent global regulations have mandated changes for OTC derivatives, specifically through Dodd-Frank and EMIR, adding additional requirements and concerns for asset managers. Managing OTC collateral has always been challenging, especially for those who trade large volumes, have multiple counterparties and require daily valuations. This whitepaper... read more

The Emergence of Back-Office Workforce Optimization Suites Whitepaper

17th September 2014

Company: eg solutions plc
Back-office workforce optimization (WFO) suites have emerged. These suites combine and integrate the capabilities from a variety of best-of-breed solutions, production operations management concepts and best practices from similar contact center solutions. These WFO suites have the potential to vastly improve the effectiveness and performance of... read more

Optimising Back Office Performance Whitepaper

17th September 2014

Company: eg solutions plc
Bloor Research releases an InDetail whitepaper stating that eg solutions plc have produced one of the leading products in the operations management platform space. read more

FATCA – Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

15th September 2014

The US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) has triggered an amalgamation of set-backs for firms worldwide. Unfortunately, the backlog of challenges associated with many FATCA - inspired, data exchange initiatives is only just the beginning. read more

Shareholdings disclosure: The requirements and challenges

15th September 2014

As new regulations mount up and asset managers review their data solutions, there is a strong case to be made for automating compliance with shareholding disclosure requirements. read more

Bringing Automated & Consistent Customer Due Diligence to Sterling National Bank

12th September 2014

Sterling National Bank's legacy systems and labor-intensive processes needed to be replaced with robust technology that would streamline workflow, better identify risk and scale to accommodate growth while meeting regulatory requirements. This case study examines how SAFE Advanced Solutions®, SBS' integrated suite of software and services for list... read more

London Metal Exchange Testing Fix Protocol

11th September 2014

Company: Certeco
It is essential to test the FIX Protocol implementation. If FIX messages using this protocol are not implemented correctly and tested well, organisations are unable to communicate and transfer information confidentially without risk. Certeco’s testing engagement with the LME covered the testing of the LME exchange specific FIX message types and... read more

Anti-Money Laundering

10th September 2014

Company: Certeco
With an increasingly globalised banking landscape and vast networks of branches across multiple locations, a number of major banks have faced problems with money laundering and have been hit with substantial fines from regulators. Our client had been fined heavily for failing to have sufficient controls in place to assess where money flows were... read more

Domestic Outsourcing

10th September 2014

Company: Certeco
Ten years ago, large scale offshoring programmes were at the top of all board room agendas. Banks and insurers were falling over themselves to offshore call centres, IT service provision, finance and accountancy departments and HR divisions. There has been a much bigger trend towards domestic outsourcing and what organisations canachieve when... read more
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