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Combating Fraud in General Insurance

30th January 2015

Company: SSP
The growing problem of insurance fraud. Fraud in insurance is nothing new, but it continues to be a huge problem. While detection is easier in personal than commercial insurance due to the high volumes making trends simpler to identify, fraud is prevalent across all lines of business from home, commercial property and motor to pet, liability and... read more

Safe Advanced Solutions®

30th January 2015

Delivering a Comprehensive, Hosted AML Solution to a Securities Brokerage Client. read more

Collateral Optimisation Case Study 2: Buy Side Firm

28th January 2015

4sight's customer is a large North American financial services group. The client wanted to combine its CSA collateral management for derivatives trading with its securities lending and repo collateral management. The customer's aim was to centralise collateral use across these business lines and run collateral optimization algorithms to reduce... read more

Collateral Optimisation Case Study 1: Sell Side Firm

28th January 2015

4sight's client is a European bank that wanted to centralise its collateral management across business lines. The client uses the 4sight system to manage collateral for its bilateral and cleared OTC derivatives, securities lending and repo activities in a single consolidated solution. read more

Collateral Optimisation in a Centrally Cleared World

28th January 2015

This free whitepaper discusses what collateral optimisation actually is, what is driving it, and techniques that can be used to optimise collateral. It also describes how these techniques are helping firms adapt to central clearing and regulatory change. The paper provides clarity on how financial firms of all sizes can respond to an environment... read more

Collateral Optimisation Whitepaper - Beyond Cheapest to Deliver

28th January 2015

This paper gives: -An overview of the latest techniques used to optimise collateral -Some of the limitations of collateral optimization -A list of questions financial firms should ask when implementing a collateral optimization project read more

Future Trends in Optimisation Whitepaper

28th January 2015

This whitepaper looks at how financial firms can optimize trading decisions based on: • Regulatory Capital Optimization: What is the cost of capital per unit of P&L? • Collateral Optimization: What are the Funding Costs? • Counterparty Optimization: Is it more profitable to trade bilaterally or via a CCP? If via a CCP then which CCP is... read more

Buy Side Collateral Management Whitepaper - Challenges and Opportunities

28th January 2015

This whitepaper covers the issues that many buy side firms are facing around collateral usage. It looks at the choices the buy side must make, and the challenges to overcome. The paper also looks at new opportunities to reduce costs and generate alpha from effective collateral management. In addition, the whitepaper argues that efficient,... read more

Looking Ahead - Top 3 Global Banking Trends in the forthcoming years

28th January 2015

Company: JMR Infotech
Global banking scenarios are changing rapidly and the question which crosses a banker’s mind everyday is: what will the future look like and what are the factors which will shape them. An examination of the forces shaping the industry revealed, that the future will require superior efficiency and operational excellence from all banks, while... read more
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