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What is Back Office Workforce Optimisation?

27th April 2015

Company: eg solutions plc
For further information on how to benefit from our guaranteed 20 - 40% improvements in operational activities please contact us on +44 (0)1785 715772 or read more

Back office workforce optimisation solutions

27th April 2015

Company: eg solutions plc
Supporting future growth plans without compromising service eg were engaged to help BES Utilities develop a comprehensive back office workforce optimisation solution – building on existing software solutions to fill gaps in their Management Information and management capability by deploying the eg operational intelligence® software suite... read more

InSight CM - Energy (Oil, Natural Gas, Power, Coal, Biofuels, LNG)

27th April 2015

Eka's InSight CM platform is a next-generation ETRM software platform for crude & refined products, natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGL), liquefied natural gas (LNG), power, coal, and biofuels. read more

Sanctions for Payments

24th April 2015

SBS: Bringing Transation-Based List Management to the Next Level. read more

SBS in ACAMS Today: De-Risking: Does One Bad Apple Spoil the Bunch?

24th April 2015

The increasing sophistication of money laundering and electronic banking fraud has led regulatory authorities worldwide to heighten their focus on Bank Secrecy Act/anti-money laundering (BSA/AML) risk. High on the regulators’ examination priority is evidence that an institution’s AML and compliance program is driven from the top down and... read more

Empowering Suppliers: What Suppliers want and expect from Early Payment Programs

24th April 2015

Company: Taulia
This comprehensive report by Taulia looks at suppliers' attitudes to early payment programmes and the technology that supports them. Buyers provide portals to their supply chain as a way to easily communicate and eliminate AP inquiries about invoice and payment status. The majority of organizations (nearly 60%) with more than $5 billion in annual... read more

Do You Know How Lance Armstrong & Solvency II Are Connected

24th April 2015

Company: Thomson Reuters
As you may have concluded from the title of this posting, I do not intend to focus on Lance Armstrong’s passion for cycling or love of tight fitting yellow jerseys. In this case I want to highlight how the illegal use of performance-enhancing drugs in professional cycling and the challenges practitioners are facing when it comes to providing full... read more

Whitepaper: Hedge Funds and Their Data: Investing in Operational Excellence...

23rd April 2015

Our whitepaper, "Hedge Funds and Their Data: Investing in Operational Excellence and Attracting New Capital," demonstrates how successful funds secure new capital by investing in data management, data aggregation and reporting. Hedge funds are enhancing their data infrastructure to vastly improve their operational workflows to address the... read more

Supply Chain Finance on SaaS

23rd April 2015

Company: Taulia
Supply Chain Finance on SaaS, commissioned by Taulia and produced by Aite Group, presents the benefits of running supply chain finance (SCF) software applications on a Software-­as-­a-­Service (SaaS) based platform. A very recent Aite Group research report, Supply Chain Finance: The Corporate Perspective, July 2014, shows that adoption of IT... read more
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