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26th August 2015

The blueprint for reducing complexity and risk in Capital Markets. read more

Meet Calypso

26th August 2015

Calypso Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of cross-asset front-to-back technology solutions for financial markets. It provides customers with a single platform for consolidation, innovation and growth. With 18 years experience delivering software and services for trading, risk management, processing and accounting, the Calypso solution helps... read more

Calypso health check and systems integration at BlueCrest Capital

26th August 2015

Company: Formicary Ltd
BlueCrest Capital Management LLP engaged Formicary as technical and business consultants to provide Calypso trading system health check and integration services. Based on the health check review, Formicary's Calypso consultants developed an integrated system that upgraded the existing trade feed. Formicary’s solution brings new levels of speed... read more

Capital Market Influencers

24th August 2015

Five Factors which significantly influence Capital Market investments read more

One Treasury - A completely integrated risk and treasury management platform

24th August 2015

Enabling Treasurers and Risk Managers to leverage risk for business advantage read more

Scaling up forex operations of one of the world's largest banks

24th August 2015

Provided a mechanism to radically scale up Forex trading volumes based on the client's business needs read more

Powering the world's largest Treasury operations

24th August 2015

Intellect Risk Treasury was used to centralize treasury operations to improve the operational efficiency and business performance of one of the world's largest treasuries read more

SBS in ACAMS Today: Machine Learning: Advancing AML Technology to Identify Risk

21st August 2015

Money laundering is currently the third largest “business” in the world after currency exchange and the auto industry. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) estimates money laundering to be 2 to 5 percent of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP), which amounts to $1.38 trillion to $3.45 trillion. However, FATF further clarifies that this... read more

SAFE Exposure Index®

21st August 2015

Providing PNC a Sustainable Process for Identifying and Managing Customer Risk read more
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