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CSA Implied Discounting of OTC Derivatives

26th May 2015

Company: Prism Valuation
In what may perhaps reasonably be referred to as the “classical” period of derivative pricing, in other words the era that came to a sudden end in September 2008 with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, there was broad consensus on the appropriate methodology for discounting future expected cash flows for derivative transactions, at least for... read more

Blog: The Russian Sanctions Challenge. To Russia With Love?

26th May 2015

Company: Thomson Reuters
The latest developments to sanctions has created an additional burden on investment and trade compliance as financial institutions and infrastructure providers must ensure they do not trade or settle new debt or equity issued by sanctioned entities. Read this blog posting to learn more to access a related infographic and whitepaper. read more

SBS in ACAMS Today: De-Risking: Does One Bad Apple Spoil the Bunch?

26th May 2015

The increasing sophistication of money laundering and electronic banking fraud has led regulatory authorities worldwide to heighten their focus on Bank Secrecy Act/anti-money laundering (BSA/AML) risk. High on the regulators’ examination priority is evidence that an institution’s AML and compliance program is driven from the top down and... read more

Sanctions for Payments

26th May 2015

Bringing Transaction-Based List Management to the Next Level. read more

Success Story: Qualco Collections goes live in Stopaska Banka, Skopje.

26th May 2015

Company: Qualco
Prevailing market and economic conditions had Stopanska Banka focused on effective NPLs management and collections & recoveries optimization. Here are some of the challenges the bank faced: read more

Qualco Collections goes live in NEMO Recouvrement SAS, France.

26th May 2015

Company: Qualco
THE CHALLENGE: Implement a top class, scalable debt management solution to support NEMO’s business growth potential and new customer acquisition. Optimize portfolio segmentation, treatment strategies, and maximize operational speed and efficiency. ...and much more... read more

Our Success Story: The μ-Debt Management Case

26th May 2015

Company: Qualco
RenMoney operates within the microfinance sector, which currently shows a strong growth potential in Africa. Success in microfinance is all about adopting a cost-effective operating model, strong performance and capitalizing on innovative solutions. RenMoney faced these major challenges: read more

Success Story: Citibank Greece

26th May 2015

Company: Qualco
Citibank Greece had a collection system in operation, as part of Group central systems policy. But they faced major challenges regarding: • Domestic Regulatory Framework • Flexibility in Customer Management and Product Offering • Efficient and Effective Legal Portfolio Management • Legal Offices Management and Performance Measurement •... read more

The application of mathematical models to measure collateral concentration risk

26th May 2015

collateral concentration, collateral management, collateral risk, concentration risk, non-cash collateral, exposure management, OTC collateral management read more
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