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Inside MarkLogic Server - 17 Apr 2014

Its data model, indexing system,update model, and operational behaviors. This paper describes the MarkLogic Server internals: its data model, indexing system, update model, and operational behaviors. It's intended for a technical audience — either someone new to MarkLogic wanting to understand its capabilities, or someone already familiar with... read more

Top 5 Investment Bank Achieves Single Source of Truth - 16 Apr 2014

With its significant derivatives exposure the Bank’s management recognized the importance of having a real-time global view of its positions. The existing system, based on a relational database, was comprised of multiple installations around the world. The legacy system was not fast enough to respond to growing requirements. It was unable to... read more

Northern Trust Corporation leverages Numerix and Prism Valuation - 15 Apr 2014

Company: Numerix
The derivatives industry, regulators, investors and Northern Trust’s clients globally are demanding increasing independence and transparency for over-the-counter (OTC) derivative valuations—including consistent and accurate valuations for the most complex, bespoke instrument types and portfolios. read more

Finally! Real Java for Low Latency and Low Jitter - 15 Apr 2014

This Low-Latency Summit workshop presentation explores newly available technologies that enable modern Java applications to finally achieve the long-sought-after goal of consistent low latency coupled with high sustainable throughputs. Java developers are achieving worst case platform latencies of 10 milliseconds and less "out of the box", and... read more

How NOT to measure Java latency - 14 Apr 2014

In this presentation from QCON, Azul Systems CTO Gil Tene discusses some common pitfalls encountered in measuring and characterizing latency. He discusses the fallacy of using standard deviation measurements, the strongly multi-modal nature of latency, common discontinuities found in most computing platforms, and how back pressure and coordinated... read more

Leading investment bank is realizing a vision to take on the world. - 11 Apr 2014

Brazil-based BTG Pactual, one of the world’s leading Emerging Markets investment banks, is meeting the EM growth challenge head on. With operations in Europe, Asia and the Americas - including an outright pre eminence in Brazil - BTG is ensuring their global businesses can scale faster than the ever-expanding horizon of market opportunities. ... read more

The Challenges of Compliance and Mobile Voice Recording - 10 Apr 2014

For a bite-size insight into the primary compliance challenges facing the financial industry, watch our latest video with Robert Powell, Global Head of Compliance and Product Management at Etrali Trading Solutions. Mobile technology has had an unprecedented effect on global compliance. Shedding some light on the myths and misconceptions of... read more

Open Trade Brochure - 10 Apr 2014

Open Trade is the first intelligent trading communication platform that combines all traders’ communication channels in perfect harmony. With its high-tech touch screen and elegant, slim-line design, Open Trade offers the very latest in trading communications technology. It builds upon the proven technology provided by Etrali Trading Solutions... read more

AutoRek Release Findings from Financial Controls Survey - 10 Apr 2014

The survey - spanning financial services professionals in the asset management, banking, foreign exchange, insurance and stockbroking sectors - reveals that despite the growing attention being paid to developing good governance policies, nearly half of financial services executives believe the next major financial crisis is likely to be caused by a... read more
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